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I invite you to join me in exploring

'The Mirrors of Relationships.'


The 'Mirrors' reflect the dynamics of your relationships with all people and all situations in your life.


Have you ever wondered ...

 * Why some people and/or situations really aggravate you?

 * Why you react (and sometimes overreact) the way you do?

 * Why external events are 'mirrors' and lessons for you?

 * Why you attract challenging relationships?

 * Why you are instantly attracted to someone and then find yourself in difficult situations?

 * Why you react in different ways with friends, family, co-workers and/or your life partner?

 * Why someone or something happens at just the right time to support you when you really need it?



"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."  ~ C.G. Jung


"Everything that excites us about others is a 'Mirror' and a reminder to love ourselves."  ~ Hannelore 


 Are you ready for a POSITIVE shift in your life?  Do you Desire CLARITY, JOY and a life that flows with EASE and GRACE?

We are all 'Mirrors' for each other. Everything you need to understand about yourself is being 'Mirrored' back to you.  The 'Mirrors' are gifts that offer you the opportunity to 'see' yourself on a deep core level. 

When you experience a 'trigger' or 'charge' in any situation or with a person, be it positive or negative, this is the red flag that there is something for you to look at within yourself.

The people in your life that really aggravate you, are obnoxious and 'push your buttons' are actually your 'TEACHERS'.  The more they challenge you, the more powerful a teacher they are.  They are here to 'Mirror' to you what it is that you need to understand about yourself and what you are here to trust and consider changing.

Equally, the people you love to be around, your best friends, the ones that inspire and make you happy are your 'SOUL MATES' or Kindred Spirits.  They remind you to embrace the wonderful qualities you have within you that you may have forgotten and to have compassion for yourself. 

'Mirror Mirror on the wall, everyone is your 'Mirror' after all."                ~ Hannelore 


Understanding this concept of 'Mirrors' will help you more clearly and easily explore the dynamics of relationships and situations in your life with much more clarity and insightfulness.

 Through the wisdom of the 'reflections', you will gain knowledge and the tools to release your patterns of control, fear, ego and judgments, especially judgments of yourself.  You will come to recognize external events as 'Mirrors' and gain clarity and insights regarding your life's direction.  You will be able to quickly resolve issues without agonizing over them for long periods of time.  

You will see who you are more clearly and be in control of your life rather than life controlling you.

You are now being offered the opportunity to step into your 'Mastery'.

"I welcome you to consider taking advantage of this life changing workshop!"   ~ Hannelore