an article by Hannelore

I find myself inspired to write these words, as the experiences of a recent workshop leaves me feeling so blessed that I am of service.  We were doing an exercise which involved a powerful breath technique while we were gazing into each other’s eyes.  The process allowed for tremendous release of emotions and such a profound connection of pure love.

See the light within your eyes, as you ARE the light.  Look into each other’s eyes.  Look past the fear, anger and grief, through the veils of illusion into the light within.  YOUR EYES are the windows to your soul.  And as you FEEL this in your Heart, you will have returned home.

As you allow your awareness to acknowledge your breath, you will come to realize that God is breathing you, and as you tune into the beat of your heart, you will know it to be the heartbeat of God – for YOU ARE ONE.

In the moment that you see in another their Divinity, the Oneness, you have both returned home with the complete Oneness of Love for each other and Oneness with all that is.  It is then that you have truly embraced the light.

search_64Never before in the history of this planet has it been so important that you awaken and step into the light. Every one of you has a unique piece of the puzzle - your mission, your purpose here. The time of the lone wolf is over. We must reach out, connect with each other and collectively spread the light throughout our beloved earth.

You have been given the gift of your physical eyes to see outside yourself, to observe what has been occurring on the planet. Your soul is calling you now to fine tune to your inner Self. It expresses itself through the feelings in your body and it speaks to you through your voice of INTUITION. We all have this powerful and creative ability called intuition; yet we have not been taught how to use it.  As bio-energetic beings, we are like two-way radios; we send and take on the vibrations of thoughts.  Research indicates 85% of our thoughts are deemed negative.  The more intense the thought, the more we feel them, and because we FEEL them in our bodies, we think it is us!  98% of your fears are not even your own!

globe_48How then, can you understand what your soul has been trying to tell you, when you feel everyone else’s stuff and hear the false voices of fear, doubt and indecision? These then create blocks and keep you from trusting your true inner voice.  And, as actors in our play called Life, we cleverly create masks to conceal the fears we have taken on from all the programming and imprinting we received from the moment we are born into this physical existence.

Your intuition is the gentle voice of your soul. Listen to what your soul has been trying to tell you.  It is lovingly urging you to live more fully and be all that you can be.  It guides you through the feelings in your body. You will know its voice, for it is positive and loving and not of fear.  It is clarity, strength and purpose.  It is now time to comprehend your inner world.  All that you seek - the peace, love and answers you are looking for are within you - always were and always will be, moment by moment.  It is when you find this peace within, and only then, will you realize peace around you.  Once you have tasted this knowing, even for a moment, you will know your path and never turn back.   For it is then you will embrace the effulgence of your being.

Begin your journey to greatness. Discover the awesomeness of who you really are and that you are one with all that is. Please know that you are one with God/Creator and together you have the potential to create miracles and magic of the highest kind! This is true not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones and for the planet.  I look forward to connecting with you.