In Gratitude - A leap of Faith

In Gratitude – a leap of faith


I give thanks to all who have supported me and guided me on my journey. I give thanks to my lovely and loving family, my dear friends and especially my two precious grandsons.


I give thanks to have the gift of learning and of teaching.


I give thanks for the rare moments I have time to sit down with a good book. I have recently enjoyed re-reading “The teachings of the Masters of the Far East”. What a wonderful reminder for all of us. Christ was not speaking idly when he shared with us that we all have the ability to do all he did, and more. The true events mentioned in these books validate this beyond what most of us “humans” believe is possible.


These are gifts you have within you.


I give thanks for the guidance beyond physical explanation, blessing me in the creation of “The Power of Intuition” Training Program. I invite you to take a leap of faith, allow your spirit to soar and experience the process in this training. You will be amazed at the gifts you already have and what you are truly capable of! We are entering a very exciting time on this planet - wouldn’t it be great to be ready to embrace them?


Embrace and give thanks for the bright light that is within you. Everything you need or desire is within your power to create. You have an inner voice – Listen! It is your voice of intuition! It is your Spirit speaking to you. Each time you listen to this voice you AWAKEN!


Everyone has intuition! It is that first immediate thought which is followed instantaneously by many other thoughts of fear, doubt and indecision. These fear thoughts are a result of the programming and imprinting that has been a part of your life from the moment you were conceived. Your intuition is linked to your Self Esteem – to your belief of who you are. If you do not love or trust in who you are, you will have difficulty in trusting or accessing your true inner voice - the voice of your intuition.


After many years of travel, study and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I was led into teaching. I have been teaching full time for the past 15 years, and created “The Power of Intuition” approximately 12 years ago. As a teacher, I find I am often tested. Some of these tests are small hurdles and others contain a force that would literally knock me off my feet. I continue to learn and grow each day of my life. I have learned that we always have choice in how we perceive each occurrence. I realized I could implement this choice and chose to find the lesson or the good and transcend what no longer served me. In this way I was rewarded, embraced in the memory of all that I really am, and experienced the suffering more gracefully.


I found more and more wonderful tools to assist me in my day to day life. Also, tools to help others in their journey. As a result, this program has developed, expanded and evolved in many wondrous ways. I am blessed to witness hundreds of miraculous transformations take place in my students. At the same time I feel such gratitude, honour and humbleness to receive these teachings and in turn pass them on to you.


I designed the Power of Intuition program to focus on the discovery and remembering of your Divine Identity. You will be guided through the process to recognize the blocks and then gently be assisted in the removal of the layers that keeps you from remembering. Once you remember who you truly are, your gifts of intuition will unfold in ways that will continue to amaze you with every day of your life. I get so excited just writing this as I know YOU will never be the same and you will begin your true journey.


I ask you to truthfully answer the following questions. If you have answered yes to even one of these, please don’t wait, register now.


Do you ever feel like there is something missing in your life?

Have you found it challenging to make changes in your life?

Do you judge yourself harshly?

Do you feel disconnected, that you just can’t “get it”?

Do you feel others are intuitive and you are not?

Have you felt the urgent call to awaken?

Have your spiritual gifts become more noticeable?

Do your spiritual gifts frighten you because you are not sure how to use them?

Do you sometimes wonder why you are here, what your purpose is?

Are you noticing your life filled with what seems like more challenges than you have previously experienced?

Have you ever wondered why certain things are happening in your life?

Have you noticed that the more you open spiritually, the more layers surface to clear?


“The time of the ‘lone wolf’ is over – gather yourselves, let go of the shore and plunge into the river, keep your head above the water, do not struggle, go with the flow of the river and see who is in there with you!” (an excerpt from a quote by the Hopi Elders)


Remember, almost every thought we have is of the past, as we have done or said nothing in the future yet. It is time to stop thinking of the past. Those who have died we can not bring back. Those who don’t like us, we can’t change them. What we didn’t do or did do, we can’t change that either. By giving it our energy we lose the gift of the moment.


Join us, in this next big step in your life. I promise you will experience a profound transformation in your life!


Blessings to you