Remember you have Choices

Remember you have Choices

Our daily lives are filled with challenges, some of which can be very intense. During these difficult times, I find great comfort in receiving support and spending time with family and friends that have a deeper understanding and awareness – that are awake.

Have you ever wondered why certain things are happening in your life? Have you noticed that the more you open spiritually, the more layers surface to clear? Carolyn Myss was quoted as calling this “Spiritual Madness”.

Have you ever noticed that when you experience an extreme high, there is a time of a feeling of loss? This feels heavy in your body. This then triggers unresolved issues that come up for healing. It is the way that we work through these moments that dictate how long we are stuck in “our stuff”.

Every one of us experiences storms in our life and we feel many levels of fear, anger and sometimes tremendous grief. We are also blessed with a reprieve every now and then and are given the gift of love, joy and laughter. How can we get through the difficult times with more grace and ease?

I feel blessed to be on my chosen path, that of a teacher. And, as a teacher, I am not immune to life’s challenges. In fact, my tests sometimes seem greater, offering me the opportunity to heal and clear. It has been my experience that when I am between classes, life has a way of offering me its sweet moments and certainly it’s demanding ones! I’ve noticed that when attending a workshop and when teaching one of mine, there is an energy present that creates strength within to transcend and move through the “Life Storms” quickly. But there are times when we are alone, and in this place we must allow ourselves to go deep into a place that can feel very frightening.

During one of my challenging times, my sister said to me, “God has chosen you to do his work and he knows you are strong. You are being given more tests than others because you are here to help others in their time of need.” Part of me wondered why I even made this choice, and yet I knew I made the right one and had to continue.

I spent years and years studying, going to many schools, attending one workshop after another, seminars, retreats, traveling far and wide. And, I assisted with many. I had a tremendous thirst for knowledge, and once awakened I discovered the more I knew – the less I really know. I often smile to myself when I hear someone say to me “I know all that stuff already”. I don’t think we will ever know it all.

The universe is so vast and infinite. I awakened to discover “Me” and in that discovery found myself infinitely small and infinitely a part of the all. That part of me and all that is. I am shown more and more in my life that we truly are ALL ONE.

My journey around the world brought me many learning experiences. I did not realize until well after my return, that I had expectations. These left me feeling as though my journey was incomplete. Prior to leaving I had three readings from 3 reputable readers. They all said I would not return. I would connect with a spiritual family somewhere on the other side of the world, and I would stay. My heart and my whole being said “NO”. I did not feel that it would be possible as my family at home is extremely important to me.

Words are like seeds. The seed was planted. Unconsciously I watered this seed and without realizing it, my expectations grew. I kept “waiting” for something to happen.

Have you ever noticed how we have expectations about how an event will turn out, how our partner in a new or old relationship does not meet what we have created in our minds, how our jobs should be, a vacation, etc. etc, only to be disappointed and feeling let down? All because we alone, create this illusion in our mind. And having said that, how we are set up, or set ourselves up, to trigger something that is deep within our being that needs to be healed. And if we are “lucky” we will get to the CORE of our STORY.

We all have our stories. Our beliefs in who we think we are. This begins from the moment we are born. Based on our early experiences, we create and protect our stories. Most of us are not consciously aware that we even have a story. Yet we live our lives by this story. This often is a story that we take on, at and shortly after birth. We get trapped in our stories. Without realizing why, we sabotage ourselves. We create our reality. Each experience you have, and especially the difficult ones, have been orchestrated by a deeper part of you. Your higher Self knows the right timing and brings you to the perfect place and time for you to heal your perception of what is real. It brings you to a time of great learning and ultimately closer to God.

Why, you ask, would you create an experience that is deeply painful? It is how you approach this pain. This is your wake up call, and you are being given the gift to transcend what no longer serves you, and embrace all that you can really be.

Remember there is the Light and there is the Dark. The Darkness is there so you can recognize the truth of the Light.

Your perceptions of what it is, can keep you trapped. The key, I have discovered is to recognize and acknowledge your story, then surrender – let go – and trust. Easy to say, and a challenge to do.

I always look forward to introducing and bringing the tools of discovery to my workshops. Sharing the process that helped me through my Self discovery and healing process becomes empowering for others to do the same.

I invite you to take the first step and join me in upcoming workshops. I promise you will experience a profound transformation in your life!

I look forward to sharing with you!

May you be blessed with much joy and laughter!