About Hannelore - Bio



Hannelore is an Inspirational Story Teller, International bestselling Author, motivational speaker, teacher and Spiritual Life coach, offering public and corporate workshops worldwide.

A gifted intuitive, Hannelore helps people reconnect to their potential, birthright and deepest calling. She embodies wisdom, compassion, loving light, humour and joy.


As an entrepreneur, Hannelore experienced international success in her career as a model, actress and CEO of her own Company within the television industry. She moved on, created “Windows to the Soul” and began her journey as an author, international speaker, writer, teacher/facilitator, Reiki Master and Certified minister of Spiritual Counseling and Healing.


Hannelore is an Ordained Interfaith Minister and graduate of “The New Seminary”, in New York, focusing on dimensions of psychology, comparative religions, healing and counseling. Additional studies include the Medicine and Mystery Schools, Shamanism, advanced Clairvoyant training, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Psychosomatic therapy, Reiki and Qi Gong. She is a vessel for many disciplines and a varied always-expanding knowledge base.


She teaches and lectures in the United States, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, India and throughout Canada. She is internationally known for her warmth, gentleness, love, compassion and humour. Her transformational retreats are soul nourishing and have placed many on the path of Self-realization and Divine Love. Her purpose is to share the mystery and magic that exists within each one of you.


Her much anticipated book “Ignite Your 6th Sense ~ The Power of Your Intuition” is the culmination of Hannelore’s years of teaching. Many have experienced her in-depth training program, “The Power of Intuition” helping to better their lives and relationships and leading serious seekers to her training program “The Mastery”, an advanced study of metaphysics.

Hannelore regularly facilitates exclusive residential retreats – “Communing with Dolphins” in Hawaii, and “Wilderness Vision-Crafting” retreats in British Columbia where profound connections of healing, joy, awe and bliss result.


As a certified Minister of Spiritual Counseling, Hannelore offers private and group sessions, using traditional counseling procedures, time line therapy, past life regression, breath and eye methods, inner child therapy and/or many other techniques.


As an Ordained Interfaith Minister, she performs Wedding Ceremonies, Memorials and Baptisms.