Hannelore's Background

Some of Hannelore’s Life story

Interview with and written by Lorrin Munn, RN, BSN

Hannelore (her birth name) was born in Germany. At the age of 3 her family moved to a remote coastal community in British Columbia, Canada, and then to Vancouver where she spent her teens. She chose a career in acting and modeling and was an international success appearing in numerous commercials, on magazine covers, in catalogues, and on the stage and screen.


She created a company called Sky High Agencies Inc., and contracted with several major television commercial, music and animation production companies. Sky High Agencies represented over 100 well known directors for T.V. commercials in Canada and the U.S., and the agency's success climbed to unforeseen heights.


Eventually feeling that something was missing in her life, an interest in spiritual matters grew and Hannelore researched information looking for answers.


The universe was about to show her that she was destined to have another life change.


Many studies followed. Reiki and initiation as a Reiki Master, Qi Gong, Shamanism, Clairvoyant training, alchemical hypnotherapy and the “Medicine and Mystery” schools. Hannelore travelled to New York one weekend a month and began several years of study with the “New Seminary”. There she studied comparative religions and dimensions of psychology, and was ordained as an "Interfaith Minister" on June 14, 1998.


She created “Windows to the Soul” and began teaching/sharing the information she gathered, empowering others in their journey of Spiritual Awakening. The balance of spiritual work and teaching one weekend a month, along with the very heavy schedule of the film industry, in addition to being a single mother was incredibly challenging. Hannelore loved her full schedule of studying and increasing her knowledge base in the spiritual world, yet the struggle to release her film producing business, which she created, was just too difficult. She could not consciously make the decision to give up the agency, and financially it was doing extremely well. Its success continuously grew to new heights.


Spirit was once again going to direct the flow of life with a beautiful lesson in synchronicity, surrender, and joy.


Hannelore's world was about to completely change. A truck running a red light hit her car. Her subsequent injuries made it difficult to instantly recall the vast amounts of information needed during business meetings. She was not as confident in her ability to function at the same razor sharp level. Many business trips were cancelled, and as the production company’s contracts came up for renewal, Hannelore made the choice to downsize and not renew. One by one she let go and kept one contract with an animation company.


The final command to surrender came in a sequence of events that unfolded within a period of one week. For many months there were no animation projects up for bid. A power surge completely destroyed only one of two answering machines - the Sky High Agencies business machine. Her computer hard drive crashed and the Sky High Agency information was the only data completely lost. Amazingly the "Windows to the Soul" information was backed up on disk, even though she knew she did not back it up!


Looking at the sequence of events, seeing the messages, Hannelore listened and surrendered to the guidance. The last client was released and the Sky High Agency office was officially closed.

Being freed from the exhausting schedule of the agency enabled a tremendous amount of energy to be focused into her spiritual studies. Hannelore created and taught courses in Canada, the U.S., Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. She has been invited to Puerto Rico and will be touring England and Germany.


Hannelore's soul soars when sharing love and light with others through her teachings, and as she sees their souls dance with the resonance of their higher truth. Her spiritual lessons and realizations settled to a peaceful knowing that “ALL IS ONE”.


Synchronicity in action, Hannelore listens, surrenders, and puts all her attention into her spiritual flow through life. She recognizes that each individual pathway may be different and at the same time sees that everyone is searching for the same divine love and light.


As an ordained Interfaith minister and master of many creative talents, she continues to engross herself in teaching and sharing the sacred information in her courses. Her passion, devotion and commitment, is to spread the light and serve God. Hannelore's personal vow is "To be One with God and assist souls in their journey of awakening to their light".


There have been so many deep and poignant gifts and lessons. The beauty is that there always will be. The observance and recognition of many divine synchronistic events guide Hannelore deeper into fulfillment of her heart's dream and soul's passion. She continues to study and nurture her inner Spiritual student.


Hannelore states with a smile, "The more I know, the more I realize I don't know".


Blessings and Joy!

To meet Hannelore is to be introduced to energy similar to that of the wind. Resembling a gentle summer breeze, refreshing, yet with great purpose, she flows through life. Her passion is to teach, while gently encouraging others to experience their Divine Soul filled Self. Like a soft gust of wind that frees dandelion seeds from their comfortable cushion, participant’s souls are awakened to soar to new heights. A solitary dandelion seed floats through the universe until it settles once again on the earth with purpose. Tiny and vulnerable, it transforms and grows into a glorious brilliant flower. Hannelore’s radiant love and light mentors students and invites them to connect with their own soul’s brilliance. Transformed and sparkling, they too continue their individual journeys on earth. Hannelore’s teaching and a soft gentle breeze both have the divine ability to awaken all they grace. -Lorrin Munn