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 Artwork by Francene Hart


Intuitive Reading/Counseling
with Hannelore, M.S.C., M.S.H.

Are you looking for clarity and/or someone you can feel safe with and trust? 
Life sometimes throws a curve and causes overwhelm loss of control, fear and/or depression.  Or, you may experience having difficulty making decisions.


 I am here to help.  Be it for grief, loss, depression, self-esteem, decision making,  feeling lost or out of control,feeling stuck, relationships, stress, trauma, fears etc.

I offer traditional Counseling/Intuitive Readings/Past Life Regressions/ Shamanic Healing/Psychotherapy/Time Line Therapy/Soul Retrieval and more.

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To make an appointment either in person, by phone or Video on Skype – Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Visa, MasterCard and Email money transfer accepted.





Sunday March 26,
2:30 - 6:30PM

Kitsilano, B.C.
To Register and for exact location and directions - contact Mona - 604.313.4616
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Aura Reading Workshop


Join us for this FUN and EASY step by step Interactive practice to see Auras!

Imagine being able to 'see' when a person is attracted to you, depressed, happy, fearful, harmful and even when not being truthful.

In this workshop you will very quickly and easily awaken your ability to see Auras with the naked eye and how to develop your inner vision.

With continued practice and discernment you will learn to identify the meanings of the colours in the aura and various expressions of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, mind, intuitive and the ultimate Higher Self.

The Aura consists of seven layers, the first three of which can be seen with the naked eye.  Everything has an aura, be it human, animal, plants and even objects.  It is the bio-energetic field that emanates and expresses ones emotional and physical states and expands and contracts with our thoughts and energy level. 

Register now for only $65.

Sunday March 26, 11:00AM

First United
Spiritualist Church 

5584 Kincaid Street,

South Burnaby, B.C.

Morning speaker ... topic ...

'The Other Side of the Window ...
    Communing's from Beyond the Veil' 

Hannelore will share remarkable experiences that invite the listener to consider the possibility there may be something beyond death.  The stories are all true and profound.  Many are her own personal experiences and part of her upcoming book.


Program begins
dates and Locations TBA



Artwork by Francene Hart


Academy for Applied Intuitive Studies

'Professional Intuitive' Certification program

'Intuitive Reading - and Intuitive Business Skills'
A seven month comprehensive and in-depth program
Community building - support network and structure - accountability - confidence building - inspiration and more...

Intuition is the forefront of successful business practices, supports wellness practitioners and enhances personal relationships.

this highly effective in-depth program offers practical tangible tools to:

   * Confidently Awaken, Develop, Trust and Cultivate Your Intuitive Skills
   * Gain Confidence and make Empowering decisions with Clarity
   * Set boundaries and prevent negative influence
   * Effectively deal with crisis and shift lifelong patterns
   * Discern your intuitive voice from false voices of fear, doubt and indecision
   * Become a Professional Intuitive Reader and/or
     attract greater success Professionally, Personally and Spiritually

You are now using one of your greatest gifts, YOUR 6th Sense, YOUR INTUITION!

A life changing journey to Unleash the 'Force' within! As you become the empowered leader, you empower others.


Certificate upon completion.


 More Information to follow 

To register phone: 604.926.4988

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One Week Live-in 

Leadership & Practitioners Training 



Artwork by Francene Hart


The Mastery 

Power of Intuition

Professional Practitioners Training Program

Eight day live-in Intensive RETREAT

Advanced program for Self Mastery...

For inspiring leaders with a desire to make a difference in the world.

Receive and learn how to give:

   * Past Live Regressions
   * Ho-oponopono with powerful breath and eye technique
   * The elixer of Immortality
   * Time Line Therapy
   * Psychic Surgery
   * Inner Child journeys
   * Soul Retrieval
   * Communication with Spirit guides and Elementals 

Completion of "The Power of Intuition" certified training program is required for entry into 'the Mastery'.

('The Mastery Leadership Training' certificate received upon completion)

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Contact 604.926.4988

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For Individuals 15+

February 26 - March 5,





March 12 - 19




Communing with Dolphins

Retreats in Hawaii  for Individuals and/or Couples 15+

Magical Retreats in Playful Union

                               with Non-Captive Dolphins


For Individuals and/or couples 15+

Held in a magnificent oceanfront guest home in Hawaii, our days begin with snorkel/swims in warm tropical crystalline waters. At their invitation we interact with playful non-captive Dolphins and Sea Turtles. Our afternoons and evenings are a balance of seminars, music and celebration, visits to sacred sites, a Whale cruise and free time for relaxation. Our bodies are nourished with delicious organic gourmet meals.

To register phone: 1.888.768.5711 or 604.926.4988

Email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

For Couples only

February 12 - 19, 2017 

Retreat in Hawaii...

Celebrate & Renew your Love

(space no longer available at this retreat)




Communing with Dolphins

Retreats in Hawaii

Magical Retreats in Playful Union

with Non-Captive Dolphins

Valentines and Full Moon Retreat 

Refresh, Repair, Restore, Re-ignite and Rejuvenate.

This retreat is a unique combination and balance of playfulness and activities. Snorkel/swims, in-depth group and couples seminars, free time, visits to sacred sites, Whale cruise, music and entertainers, delicious organic gourmet meals and of course ...

Communing with Dolphins!

To register email or

Phone: 1.888.768.5711 or 604.926.4988