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Hannelore is an international speaker having been invited to share her knowledge and teachings around the world.


She is frequently invited as a keynote speaker and often talks at numerous functions and locations. She loves to engage with her audience and shares with others how to access the joy that resides within and to remember and embrace the awesomeness of who they are. To recognize that we are all one in our journey through fears, sorrows, tears and laughter.


A question she may pose to you is, “If you had infinite financial resources, would you still be doing what you are doing now? If your answer is no, then you may want to ask yourself, Why am I still doing this?” She states, “My answer would be yes. I know I am doing what I absolutely love for this is my passion.


My personal vow and commitment to God/Spirit: “Let my voice be your voice and my actions be your actions.”


When I teach and share, my heart soars and my light shines and I feel radiant. It does not mean that what I share is the only way or the absolute right way, I just know that it is right for me and I share my truth from my heart. I feel such joy to see the result of lives transforming and moving in new and wondrous ways. What’s so exciting is that by their lives transforming it is infinite in possibilities as to how many other people they in turn touch and so on and so on paying it forward all making a difference. It is so important that we collectively and globally as a human race come back to the light and remember our authentic selves.


Hannelore will create a talk designed especially for your group.

Hannelore will create a talk on any subject designed especially for your group. To book Hannelore for these or many other topics, we invite you to contact our office.



A Sample of Hannelore’s topics include:


Free Will vs Destiny

Do we have free will to choose the path and course of our lives?
What about the seemingly unrelated events or fate that impact your life?
Is “free will” the same as will power?
What is free will?


These questions have been asked by scholars and mystics around the world. Hannelore will share insights on this powerful topic and reveal how your awareness and understanding of these elements can literally shift your life.


Ignite Your 6th Sense – The Power of Your Intuition

“Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible.” unknown

IGNITE your 6th sense and:

  • Enhance your intuitive abilities to “see, feel or sense” the greater picture of all that is around you
  • Intimately see how the belief of who and what you are, your identity, is linked to the experiences in your life
  • Become a master at making truly empowering decisions

Hannelore will share keys and insights to expand your consciousness. See and experience your personal life and relationships in a “new light” and discard patterns that no longer work. This is the power of your intuition!


“Intuition is far more powerful than the logical mind.” – Albert Einstein.


Find and follow Your JOY

Are you happy and in a state of Joy? Do you remember a moment in your life when you experienced Joy? Are you in alignment with your life purpose?


Joy is a powerful mechanism for awakening and transformation. When we dare to connect to this essential part of our self and our experience, anything is possible!


Join Hannelore as she shares a step-by-step process to uncover and tap into your Joy. As you learn how you can radiate Joy into the world, you will also realize the benefits in your daily existence.


Create a treasure box of Joy and let your Joy be the gift of light, hope, faith and love to the world.


Dolphins, Whales and Magical Tails

Magical, inspiring and touching stories of actual encounters with Dolphins, Whales, Manta Rays, other Animals and Mother Nature.


Hannelore shares her mutual love and awareness for these amazing beings, with stories that have been shared with her and her own incredible adventures.


The stories invite you to laugh, cry and be inspired allowing for a remembering of your alignment with your true nature. More information...


Mirrors of Relationships

We are all born into a “mirroring” process. Everything we need to know or understand about ourselves is “mirrored” to us by the people places and events that occur in our lives. To understand the concept of "Mirrors" will help you to explore the dynamics of these relationships and situations in your life which may puzzle and frustrate you.

Would you like to understand…


• Why you react in different ways with your friends, co-workers, family and/or partner?
• Why some situations in your life just do not seem to be working out quite right?
• What the phrase "Mirrors of Relationships" really means?


In this dynamic and insightful talk, Hannelore assists you in recognizing external events as "mirrors" and helps you to gain insights into your life's direction. As you understand and recognize these patterns, you can gain knowledge on how to release your patterns of control, fear, core beliefs, ego and judgments. You will see who you are more clearly and learn how to be in control of your life rather than life controlling you.

More information about The Mirrors of Relationship


The Phenomenon of Orbs
The Veils are thinning!

What are Orbs?

Are they beings that have crossed over?
Are they our loved ones trying to reach us?
Are they spirits, faeries or beings from other planets?
Are they messengers from another realm or dimension?


Orbs have been showing up in photographs worldwide and these pictures have been taken by people from all walks of life.

Hannelore includes an informative PowerPoint presentation and an amazing collection of “Orbs” photographs.


Time Speeding Up

Have you noticed time speeding up? I hear this from so many people. I know it myself, as I have been experiencing this to be so in my life. If you feel that time is speeding up – that is because it really is. There are so many shifts occurring in the Universe and on our beloved earth. We are seeing this in many ways, all demonstrating to us the urgency to awaken.


We have entered a very profound time in the history of this planet.

This is our “WAKEUP CALL”!


This informative presentation will focus on:
TIME speeding up
PROPHECIES and how they are affecting us.
The urgent call to AWAKEN
and transcend our fears.

To understand YOU are
not alone, and remember
why we are all here.