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Hannelore’s many articles have been published in newspapers and magazines worldwide. She is currently writing and completing five books which are in different stages of completion.


Her books are:

Her First Book,


“Ignite Your 6th Sense ~ The Power of Your Intuition”

Scheduled for release TBA


Ignite-Book-coverArtwork by Francene Hart“Ignite Your 6th Sense ~ The Power of Your Intuition” is the culmination of Hannelore’s personal experiences and a sharing of the many tools and techniques she shares in her “Power of Intuition” Training Program.


An excerpt:


I find myself inspired to write these words, as the experiences of a recent workshop leave me feeling so blessed that I am of service. We were doing an exercise which involved a powerful breath technique while we were gazing into each others eyes. The process allowed for tremendous release of emotions and such a profound connection of pure love.

See the light within your eyes, as you ARE the light. Look into each other’s eyes. Look past the fear, anger and grief, through the veils of illusion into the light within. YOUR EYES are the windows to your soul. And as you FEEL this in your Heart, you will have returned home.

As you allow your awareness to acknowledge your breath, you will come to realize that God is breathing you, and as you tune into the beat of your heart, you will know it to be the heartbeat of God – for YOU ARE ONE.

In the moment that you see in another their Divinity, the Oneness, you have both returned home and the complete Oneness of Love for each other and Oneness with all that is. It is then that you have truly embraced the light.

Never before in the history of this planet has it been so important that you awaken and step into the light. Every one of you has a unique piece of the puzzle - your mission, your purpose here. The time of the lone wolf is over. We must reach out, connect with each other and collectively spread the light throughout our beloved earth.

You have been given the gift of your physical eyes to see outside yourself, to observe what has been occurring on the planet. Your soul is calling you now to fine tune to your inner Self. It expresses itself through the feelings in your body and it speaks to you through your voice of INTUITION. We all have this powerful and creative ability called intuition; yet we have not been taught how to use it. As bio-energetic beings, we are like two-way radios; we send and take on the vibrations of thoughts. Research indicates 85% of our thoughts are deemed negative. The more intense the thought, the more we feel them, and because we FEEL them in our bodies, we think it is us! 98% of your fears are not even your own!

How then, can you understand what your soul has been trying to tell you, when you feel everyone else’s stuff and hear the false voices of fear, doubt and indecision? These then create blocks and keep you from trusting your true inner voice. And, as actors in our play called Life, we cleverly create masks to conceal the fears we have taken on from all the programming and imprinting we received from the moment we are born into this physical existence.

Your intuition is the gentle voice of your soul. Listen to what your soul has been trying to tell you. It is lovingly urging you to live more fully and be all that you can be. It guides you through the feelings in your body. You will know its voice, for it is positive and loving and not of fear. It is clarity, strength and purpose. It is now time to comprehend your inner world. All that you seek; the peace, love and answers you are looking for are within you - always were and always will be, moment by moment. It is when you find this peace within, and only then, will you realize peace around you. Once you have tasted this knowing, even for a moment, you will know your path and never turn back. For it is then you will embrace the effulgence of your being.





Tails-Book-webHer Second Book is:

“Dolphins, Whales and Magical Tails”

Scheduled for release TBA




Magical, inspiring and touching stories of actual encounters with Dolphins, Whales, Manta Rays, other Animals and Mother Nature.


Hannelore shares her mutual love and awareness for these amazing beings, with stories that have been shared with her and her own incredible adventures.


The message is simple and powerful. Our closest connection to God is through harmony with nature. Its gentle creatures teach us how effortless it is to be one with nature, to FEEL love and connect to and follow your joy and bliss.


The stories invite you, the reader, to laugh, cry and be inspired allowing for a remembering of your alignment with your true nature.

A message from the Dolphins: “Always listen with your heart and then you will know what is right - it will always be the right thing.”

For a selection of the stories included in this book, we invite you to visit Hannelore’s other website: Communing with Dolphins, by following this link






catchafallingstarArtwork by Francene HartHer third book,

“Prosperity and Miracles ~ The Power of Intentional Manifestation”


Hannelore has created simple and empowering steps to help you realize your desires and the process to create Miracles in your life. This book will help you achieve money mastery and how to be the ingenious Power in your life.


“Prosperity and Miracles” will guide you through the eight steps to attract all that you wish for in your life. These will encourage you to re-evaluate your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Once you understand what is blocking your path, you will be well on your way to realize abundance and prosperity.


These principles apply to career, relationships, health and all aspects of your life. Once you achieve prosperity consciousness, it’s like riding a bicycle - you have if for life!


As the “Course in Miracles” states:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate…our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

“Miracles are to be expected as your Divine Birthright.”

I have been blessed to witness the miracle of my own father bounce back to life using this simple technique, when only hours before we were told by his doctor he would not make it through the day. This phenomenal story is shared in my book.

Sharing this technique with others resulted in homes selling that did not before, relationships appearing when all seemed hopeless, just the right amount of money manifesting in time to fulfill a desire and many more profound examples. It is my honour to offer these tools and share what I have personally experienced.




“Dearly Beloved it is I”

A candid, heartwarming, intimate & passionate account of Hannelore’s personal journey and daring to live her dream.



sacred-unionArtwork by Francene HartForeword:


I find it amazing how easily we go into fear and let go of what we dare to dream. To dare to dream of such a Divine other. I have often been told, “You’re reaching too high – your living in a fantasy world – get real”. I have FELT my Divine other – through God.

I was gently guided through a powerful rebirthing session where I was taken through a process to connect deep within myself. This led me to FEELING God in oneness with my entire being. As I labored to breathe through my tears of joy, I was aware that my breath was God’s breath, we were breathing as one – and as my heart beat, I felt my heart beat was one with Gods heart beat. In that moment I knew that God was/is my Beloved, my lover, my everything. I was so embraced by that love, so at one, at peace. In that incredible moment, I also allowed myself to acknowledge that I was a divine spirit, an aspect of God, here in this physical body, and accepted with love that this physical body has its need to be loved, held and honored by another equally loving physical being.

As I embark on my never-ending journey of awakening, I know that I need to completely love and embrace myself, as I am one with God. At one time I questioned how I could be spiritual and at the same time have physical needs or want to surround myself with material things? I have given myself permission to surround myself with material things that evoke in me the pure joy of their beauty, and I have allowed myself to dare to dream of that Divine Physical other to share with me my joys, my fears, my sorrows, my laughter and my love.

So this is for you…DEARLY BELOVED, IT IS I!