PostHeaderIconHannelore as a Teacher


Hannelore_main_headshotHannelore is an internationally recognized teacher. She created and offers a Certified Training Program called “The Power of Intuition”, along with various other classes, retreats and seminars. The Intuition Training Program offers modules designed to suit the needs and goals of individuals who are interested in finding out more about their spiritual path and awakening. Hannelore has a powerful and tremendous ability to take her students through profound transformations.


Hannelore’s wisdom, compassion and strength will invite and assist you to break through the illusions and masks you wear and to remember and love who you truly are. To have the willingness to acknowledge the aspects of your personality that you deny, push away, ignore or are ashamed of and to remember that you are also the expression of the Divine.


She states, “If you believe you are anything less than Divine perfection, and that includes the perfection of your perceived imperfections, then you are holding on to a false identity. You have the ability to create and receive Miracles and Magic of the highest kind.”

Hannelore’s teaching skills are impeccable as she guides you to embrace all aspects of your self; to reclaim and own your personal power, to face and release fears, to discover the source of your discontent and find your inner courage and strength, and to celebrate and live your Purpose. She will also teach you how to experience magic and insights, make empowering decisions, release and go beyond limiting and old beliefs and embrace and Love your Authentic Self. Hannelore is a dynamic force that encourages you to reach beyond your perceived limitations and guides you to come through the other side and into your full potential. She shares from her own personal experiences and offers you the many tools that she uses in her life. She is supportive, present, firm and extremely loving and gentle. She has the innate ability to see your true essence and to use her skills to guide you to see this within yourself and ultimately remember the Joy and Live your Purpose.

Hannelore exemplifies Love as she shares her light with others through her teachings. Her passion, devotion and commitment is to spread the light and serve God.


Hannelore shares, “When I see the light of remembering within an individual, and witness that light begin to shine, my heart soars. This is my greatest gift in return. For as we connect with each other there is a peaceful knowing that ‘We are all one’.”