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The Phenomenon of Orbs!

By Hannelore - Part 3

Colours, Shapes, Dolphins and Spirits

We spent three days at the Convention listening to many other speakers sharing years of research findings and discussing the phenomenon of orbs (spherical objects) showing up in photographs. The focus was specifically on the spheres, that when taking a closer look, actually consist of geometric shapes.  Some even appear to have faces showing up. Some believe these to be communication manifestations - spirits, intelligences that are part of what I believe to be “the veils thinning” and what may be an “unfolding adventure of our future”.  The examples shown at the seminar were fascinating.  There were pictures taken before and after communicating with these orbs.  In other words, people would take pictures of the orbs around them.  Pause, ask a question such as do you have an intelligence, then take more pictures and this group of pictures showed the orbs changed shape. The next photographs were all triangles and many more showed up as hearts.

They can also show the fetuses of the babies about to be born – these features are very clear and defined. In fact, JZ Knight, who was one of the speakers at the Convention, has a wonderful selection of orb photographs and had an amazing picture of one such fetus showing up in an orb above the mother-to-be.  When the baby was born it was identical to the image of the fetus in the orb.  JZ also shared that she had someone in her group ask if they (orbs) were okay with having their pictures taken and they responded in the next group of pictures in the shape of cameras.  As if to say…”take more pictures.”

They have the ability to change their colour - pink one moment, blue the next - and change their shape – hearts, triangles, squares or in the example above as cameras.  They can also cloak themselves when not wanting to be seen.

On one of our evenings, after the talks were completed, our group met in the open space outside the hotel.  We all began clicking our cameras to see if we were to capture any orbs that might be present.  I am sure the other guests had their own opinions of these strange people roaming about taking pictures in the dark.

As I was taking pictures, I noticed a green translucent light, like a small green tube, just above a tree. I did not see the light with my naked eye, but it showed up on the photo in my camera.  When I continued to take more pictures in the same area, it continued to move.  When I zoomed in on this tube of green light, it consisted of a series of orbs.

(Some of this series is in the photo gallery.)

I facilitate the “Communing with Dolphins” retreats in Hawaii.  For the past several years at the retreats, we noticed many orbs showing up in our photos; especially when we do our sunset forgiveness ceremony at a local sacred site.  On one occasion, while my picture was taken, I asked (telepathically) if an orb would show up next to me.  In the next picture there is an orb above my head.  This seems to now often occur.

I also see many orbs around the Dolphins when we are in the water swimming with them.  The dolphins are incredibly intelligent beings who remind us to connect with our intuition and open to Love and higher vibrations.  There are often unusual lights surrounding them.  They are highly sensitive and their sonar vibration alters our DNA.  Research indicates that those who swim with dolphins experience a phenomenon of Bliss.  In this altered state supreme sensations of joy and peace occur.  This seems to attract orbs.

My sense is that these are intelligences we may not understand in this realm.  I feel that the veils are thinning and allowing other dimensional beings that we could previously not see now become visible.

I would like to take a moment and share a short story.  My father, who I loved dearly, crossed over in October 2001.  He was an avid smoker, albeit would not smoke inside the house and instead go outside.  After his passing I would often smell cigarette smoke.  This would be when alone in my own home or when walking deep in the forest with no one else nearby.  Often it would be in times when I really needed emotional support.  One of these times was when my dog, a Dalmatian I call Caspar was lost. This experience is now part of my collection of stories from my book “Dolphins, Whales and Magical Tails”.  The story is titled “Dogs have angels too” and is currently on my website -

I shared this story as my mother and sister joined me at one of my Communing with Dolphin retreats in Hawaii.  It was my mother’s birthday during the retreat so my sister and I commissioned my dear friend and co-facilitator of the retreat – Dolphin Dave Jimenez - to paint a picture for her.  I know my Dad would have been beside himself and very excited for her to receive this gift.  As my sister and I walked toward my mother who was sitting on the lanai at our Oceanside retreat house with David and two other participants, we all smelled cigarette smoke.  In my heart I knew my father was present in Spirit.  A couple of months later, during one of my Intuition seminars, I shared this story with my class.  I had just given a presentation on orbs.  As they were working on an “intuition” assignment I got a strong smell once again of cigarette smoke.  Others noticed it as well.  Two of the participants got out their cameras and took a picture of me.  In both their cameras there was an orb above my head.  When I viewed this picture on my computer screen I noticed what looked like a face.  My sister then photo shopped a picture of my Dad next to the orb and his features lined up to the face in the orb.  (This picture is in the photo gallery.)

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