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PostHeaderIconThe Phenomenon of Orbs!

By Hannelore - Part 2

Traveling with Orbs

As I traveled on my World Tour, it was fascinating to see the orbs showing up in my pictures.  I noticed they would often appear at sacred sites and especially where there was music, laughter, dancing and with children.

Upon my return to Canada, I was thrilled to discover “The Prophets Conference” offering an Orb Convention being held in Sedona Arizona. It was not that it was a convention of a gathering of orbs, but rather a collection of individuals from around the world, who like myself, met in Sedona to find out more about this intriguing phenomenon.  WOW!  What an amazing time we had.  It reminded me somewhat of the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” where the characters in the movie became obsessed and were led to a mountain where they were then to experience this close encounter.  At this conference, we shared in this curiosity.  Before, between and after the lectures we often gathered in groups sharing our personal pictures.  (Some of these are in the photo gallery.)

I had the pleasure to speak with one of the presenters Miceal Ledwith, who has an amazing collection of orb photographs, written a book titled The Orb Project and has tremendous knowledge on this subject.  According to his research, the orbs travel through portals and wormholes without incurring any damage.  Due to their molecular structure and their efficient design, they possess the ability to travel at incredible speeds.  They are intelligent free flowing plasma and their circular shape encapsulates their energetic forms.  They have their own protective shields which can withstand extremes of heat and cold.  They are pure sentience.  They understand everything you say and do because they are formed of all the sentiments, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, of the absolute geocentric orbital revolving system.

The result of careful analysis of Dr. Ledwith’s data in the study of orbs, leads us to believe it is possible that the orbs, through fluorescence, produce from within themselves a light that at least in part must belong to the near-infrared spectrum. If a process of fluorescence aided by the attraction of free electrons through ionization is what enables orbs to be photographed, then orbs must be electromagnetic in nature and most likely are energy fields of some kind.

The orb phenomenon is real and cannot be explained away with such suggestions as raindrops, fog or dust particles or pollen in the air, lens flair or digital processing errors.  Orbs sometimes form Hexagonal shapes which give clues and allow us to assume that their images are not due to the light from the camera flash being reflected back to the camera, as is the case in ordinary photography.  The orbs must generate a light from within themselves. This light most likely comes from the process of fluorescence triggered by the photon from the camera flash, which can also be aided by an abundance of free electrons in the atmosphere.  This can also occur in rainfall or with the use of an ionizing apparatus or strobe.  The types of orbs which appear in these conditions must be electromagnetic in nature.  The colour of the ionizing radiation that they emit is most likely an indication of the existence of the frequencies to which they belong. This indicates proof on the physical level that these are not simply “frequencies” but realms of existence as solid within themselves as our physical reality is to us.  If this is correct then it must be asked whether we have physical proof that these orb entities, if they are not beings of the physical universe we inhabit, actually belong to other realms above this one.  There are most likely orb forms that are not electromagnetic in nature but belong to a torsion field.  The known effects of the torsion vortex on the shielding of gravity and bending of the time-space fabric, will be central to a deeper understanding of this new reality.

Miceal has an amazing collection of photos where you can see the portals.

You can visit his website:

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