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PostHeaderIconThe Phenomenon of Orbs!

By Hannelore - Part 1

The Veils Are Thinning!

What are Orbs?

  • Are they beings that have crossed over?

  • Are they our loved ones trying to reach us?

  • Are they spirits, faeries or beings from other planets?

  • Are they messengers from another realm or dimension?

Orbs have been showing up in photographs worldwide.

They appear out of nowhere and just as quickly seem to disappear.  They are everywhere; in your home, both inside and outside, when you are alone, at events and in the stillness of nature.

My initial experience with “orbs” was when I purchased my first digital camera.  I teach a training program called “The Power of Intuition”.  On our graduation day, I was taking pictures of my students.  I found the camera was slow in readying for the next picture so I traded it in.  To my surprise, when I finally went to my computer to view the photos I noticed many orbs, but I had no idea what they were.  As I zoomed into these orbs I noticed many geometrical shapes.  These orbs were visible throughout the pictures taken that day.  I did not have any success with orb images on my new camera.  I was fascinated about this phenomenon and began my research.  I discovered that “orbs” have been appearing in photographs for some time.  As I scanned through my old pictures, I found many that had orbs. I never noticed them before even though I had seen the pictures many times.

These orbs are showing up in photographs, especially those taken with digital cameras.  The digital cameras are by far preferable to film cameras for orb photography because the digital camera CCD is considerably more sensitive to spectra outside the visible range than ordinary film.

What does that mean? It means that cameras (especially digital) are now picking up phenomena that exist in different parts of the light spectrum than what are normally seen with the naked eye. These phenomena are manifesting in different forms, but one of the most commonly seen in photographs are round glowing spheres of light called "Orbs".

I then learned that I could program my camera to take orb pictures with intention.  I continued to discover that sometimes images that appear to be orbs are often lens flares or dust particles.  But there are many other pictures that reveal orbs that are clearly something else.  After viewing thousands of pictures when researching, as many others have, I discovered that there is much more going on.  Especially when I witness several different cameras taking an image of a person or place at the same time and discover that they all show the same orbs - the same size and in the same location on the photograph.  The more I set my intention to photograph them, the more they appeared.

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