with Hannelore

Workshops, Seminars, Speaking Engagements and Retreats


Living her soul's dream and life's work, Hannelore created ‘Windows to the Soul’. Under this umbrella she offers workshops, seminars, speaking engagements, individual and group counseling and retreats.

Decades of extensive certified studies, ordination into the INTERFAITH ministry, diverse life experiences, divine interventions, as well as a passion for laughter, life and love are her amazing credentials. Empowering others, she facilitates our own healing process and teaches us how to access the infinite divine joy that lives inside us all. Hannelore is a mentor and guide for people in their journey of self-discovery and gently assists them to step into their own Divine radiant light.

Hannelore also hosts sacred journeys to incredible peaceful locations. The serene locations, coupled with her amazing ability to connect, teach and enlighten at the soul level, provide a truly pampered divine experience for body, mind and soul!

We invite you to play and discover pathways to open your Windows to the Soul.