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"Together We Fly" by Francene Hart"Together We Fly" by Francene HartThe Intuitive WoMan exemplifies the balance and union of qualities of the Inner Divine Feminine (intuition, compassion, emotion, creativity, sensuality, grace, inspiration and receptive…the Heart) with the Inner Divine Masculine (inner strength, courage, decisive, logic, reason, assertive, practical and action…the Mind). S/He is in true alignment with nature and the Universe.

The Divine feminine energy is not confined to females only just as the Divine masculine energy is not confined to only males. As souls we are both.

As a teacher and on my own personal journey, I discovered how important it is to have these aspects balanced within myself. An example, when either is out of balance, you may be inspired with numerous creative ideas…’receptive’, but for some reason you procrastinate and just don’t get them done…’non active’. Or you are so busy ‘doing’ but find it challenging to be inspired or come up with new ideas.

We live in a world of duality. The movie ‘the secret’ was an opening for many on their spiritual journey, but it lacked action – the masculine. We can imagine and set our intentions with joy and gusto, but if we don’t take action it often does not occur. I witness people dear to me who create their ‘vision board’ and/or clearly set their intentions of manifestation through visualization. As there is often no action (and/or attachments to the outcome) they get extremely discouraged and angry at God and the Universe because it does not happen.

It requires that you place your conscious awareness on these qualities and recognize where the imbalance is. Intuition is your greatest power! Allow for the awakening and integration of the receptive inner feminine quality of intuition to ask for and receive the guidance and balance of the active qualities of the inner masculine.

You then harmonize with the soul and return to conscious oneness. This is the union of your soul’s God/dess-self and your human self. In this balanced state, you have the power to heal and create miracles of the highest kind.

May the journey of awakening guide you home.