Personal Message from Hannelore


Memories are the gift of life itself...


Again and again I've had participants in my retreats stand before me with tears of joy running down their faces. I completely understand this because it happened to me as well. But how do you describe magic? How do you put into words that indescribable experience where your heart opens up so wide to the energy of love that the rest of you just dissolves into tears?


Bliss is my word for this. And it is so powerful that one after the other, participants are left speechless as they struggle to express how their dolphin encounters touched them.


When they finally speak, they tell me they don't know how they will begin to describe this experience to their family and friends.


There are no words to adequately describe it. The experience is beyond words. And even I, after more than a decade of swimming with wild dolphins, have difficulty finding the verbal expression to effectively portray this profound experience.


There are scientific explanations for the experience with dolphins.


As I began my research, I discovered that the dolphin's sonar is four to five times more powerful than any medical diagnostics. Studies indicate that when people swim with dolphins, the dolphin's sonar activates the pineal gland and induces a flow of endorphins and serotonin. This causes the individual to experience a phenomenon of Bliss. It can also effect transformational emotional and physical healings and I have witnessed many of them.


For me personally, swimming with wild dolphins has always been a way to connect with my inner child and to play and recharge my batteries. But this year, it will be my time to heal. These past few months have been extremely difficult for me. Without warning, I lost my beloved mother – my best friend. I was blessed to have her with me on five of my retreats.


I look forward to my return to Hawaii and the experience of the healing energy of the ocean, the island and especially from my friends the dolphins.


Dolphin to the Rescue

The waves were unusually high off the Big Island – but worse – I was caught in them. I'd been swimming with wild, non-captive dolphins in various bays, always feeling safe – but this time was different. It was the last swim of the day and it seemed as if I'd been battling the waves for a long time. When I paused to rest, I was alarmed by how far out in the ocean I was. I could barely see the people on the shore. I had lost sight of my friends. I was alone – a tiny spec in this vast ocean and beyond anyone's vision. Fear took hold of my body. How could I have been so stupid? How could I leave my friends and go off swimming on my own? What if I just don't have sufficient strength to make it back? What if there are sharks? What if I get a cramp? What if....?"


As suddenly as fear had overcome me – a pervasive calm washed over me. A voice inside my head reassured me: "Don't worry. You are not alone. I'll be here with you." And next to me, eye-to-eye was a solitary dolphin. She stayed right with me, swimming at the same pace, until I was close to the shore and could touch the ground with me feet. Then she circled around me once, as if to say goodbye, and swam back out to sea.


That was in 2000 while I researched locations for my dolphin retreats. In all the years since, as I have facilitated the "Communing with Dolphins" retreats, I've had many wondrous and magical experiences. Some of these are included in my upcoming book, "Dolphins, Whales & Magical Tails."


I invite you to join me on the journey of a lifetime. The retreat is truly a remarkable gift to oneself, beyond anything one can imagine! You will be blessed with a treasure box full of joyous memories!

~ Hannelore