An Introduction to the Divine Teachings of Hannelore through Windows to the Soul
By Lorrin Munn, RN, BSN

Synchronicity, surrender and joy. Three beautiful states of being that heal, raise consciousness and emanate a truly Divine loving light from the heart. The recipe to sacred bliss.

Hannelore exemplifies this process. A magnificent loving light, she is a soul who walks hand in hand; heart to heart with Spirit and radiates her Divine light so others can learn to shine too. An ordained Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master, gifted international speaker/facilitator, spiritual counselor, healer, and retreat seminar specialist, Hannelore and her Windows to the Soul classes, stir the innermost passions of her students. Her own diverse life experiences and divine interventions have richly endowed her with miraculous insights which she shares with others.

Along life's path, universal gifts are unveiled when intuition and conscious presence note synchronicities in everyday existence. Growth and freedom come with surrendering all that is not serving soul's purpose. The floodgates open to our individual soul source of Divine love and light to free its radiance. Joy and grace live within this space and allow the soul to blossom to its fullest potential, sharing with the universe true awesome light.

Everyday synchronicities are events that we brush off as ‘coincidences’, such as thinking about someone and they suddenly phone you. Or picking up the phone to make a call only to have that person on the other end of the line without the phone ever ringing. En route to an appointment you are delayed by catching every red light, only to pass an accident that preceded you by mere moments. Being miles away from home and for some reason feeling you want to walk down a particular street and you happen to bump into an old acquaintance. These are all acts and gifts of synchronicity. These little cosmic flags, that we call coincidence, are gentle taps on the shoulder from Spirit inviting us to ‘pay attention’. Our intuition works along with our senses to take note of these little spiritual gifts.

Hannelore's workshops guide and assist people to awaken all six senses. They facilitate the awakening from a SOMNAMBULISTIC (sleepwalking) state, into the presence of NOW. Awake, we observe the messages and assistance the Creator offers. With the ability to sense and interact with guidance, we are free to co-create life with Spirit. Our potential is infinite.

Learn to empower yourself internally as well as externally. A deep look into ourselves reveals immense insight. We all have baggage to contend with be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Patterns, beliefs, even emotions of others, can be stored away in our closet. Hannelore empowers us with clarity to identify the true contents of our inner load. Clearing this makes room for Self and fulfillment. Hannelore shares methods of release and surrender that are powerful, gentle and compassionate, allowing us to embrace our inner love and light.

Special souls in our midst have been blessed with the charge of mentoring others lovingly, without judgment. Teaching people various ways to know themselves in a kind and gentle way. Hannelore is such a soul.

Years of experience and in-depth studies have prepared Hannelore to live her passion in teaching and supporting others, in awakening their spiritual journey. Windows to the Soul workshops enable people to see with loving eyes into their own shadowed areas. Sacred space is held. Embracing soul's amazing potential allows Divine love to enter. Support and encouragement, sweet surrender and angelic release are experienced as the fog of stagnant energy is lifted and cleared. Enlightened and fulfilled, a new freedom of love and light radiates from within. Unconditional love of self, understanding and knowing soul potential are our real gifts; to ourselves and the universe. Everyone is blessed at soul level. Joy!

The personal empowerment is immense. Clearly stepping into the miracles we are capable of co-creating with Spirit. Your love and light give permission for others to shine too! Experience your radiant, self-fulfilling joy!