Advanced program for Self Mastery and Leadership

 One Week In-depth Training Retreat

  For Practitioners and/or for Personal Growth

For inspiring Healers and Leaders with a desire to make a difference in their lives and the world.


Live in Self Mastery and enjoy the fruits of your Passion and Purpose


Completion of ‘The Power of Intuition’ certified training program is required for entry into this program. The 'Mastery Leadership' certificate received upon completion.

 A new journey is ready to begin.


This empowering program is for Leaders and/or Healers wishing to make a difference in the world. If you are willing to identify your strengths and weaknesses, release what no longer serves you and take control of your life, you are ready to embrace the courage to move forward into an expanded vision. You will then live in Self-Mastery with love and compassion. By experiencing peace, love and Joy in your inner world, you are then ready to manifest peace, love and joy in your outer world.


This seven-day Advanced Training will focus on individual and group exercises, designed to cultivate and celebrate the Inspiration and Power within you.
You will be taken through each therapeutic process designed to find and gently clear whatever is no longer serving you.

This program includes emotional support along with proven and successful tools and techniques to:

• Identify, clear and overcome emotional issues, blocks, programming and imprinting.
• Shift out of limiting beliefs, guilt, self criticism, judgments, resentments, grief,
  anger, grudges and blame.
• Move out of the past, experience being fully present and live in the 'NOW'.
• Create the foundation for a brighter and successful future.
• Step into your role as an inspired heart centered leader with confidence, passion,
   love, enthusiasm and compassion.
• Be the inspiration for others.
• Expand your Vision.
• Embody the power to Manifest all that you desire for yourself, others and the world.  


You will, as a group and individually be taken through:

     *Past Life Regressions
     *Ho'oponopono - breath and eye technique
     *The Elixer of Immortality
     *Time Line Therapy
     *Psychic Surgery
     *Inner Child healing
     *Soul Retrieval
     *Communication with your Spirit Guides and Elementals

The full impact of this training occurs when you are also guided and taught how to facilitate these techniques.  In so doing you are empowered and more effective in your service to others.  

Pre-requisite – completion of 'The 'Power of Intuition' Certified training. 


(We suggest you register early as the class size is restricted due to the one-on-one concentrated nature of this program.)



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