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Dolphin in Distress

Dolphin in Distress


                                                                                Dolphin in Distress

 I was excited to return to Hawaii and set up camp at my favorite beach. Soon friends greeted me and shared there was a distressed dolphin in the Bay. She had a fishing line entangled around her mouth, plus it trailed 30 feet behind her.  She was not allowing anyone close enough to help.

Throughout the week, while I swam with several pods of dolphins, I often heard her cry.  She would not swim with her pod and stayed at the outer edge. Concern was growing from the ‘Dolphin community’ about her well being.

The following week I started my ‘Communing with Dolphins’ retreat.  We began each morning in prayer, and sent her telepathic messages and images of love and protection to let her know we were here to help.  As the week progressed, her cries became more heart wrenching to hear.

After one of our swims, I lingered behind, taking my time when I heard her cries again.  Looking around, I saw her 40 feet directly below me.  She swam very slow with the line, now full of debris, dragging behind.  My heart reached out as I closed my eyes and sent my thoughts and prayers. When I opened my eyes she was within arms reach, so incredibly close!  I agonized as I did not have a knife to cut the line.


Ever so slowly she swam away. I then noticed my retreat assistants, Pauline, David and Dianna, were nearby. We formed a circle and sent healing energy and images showing human help. A short while later Pauline returned to our retreat house.

Within a couple of minutes she swam back excitedly shouting “She is Free! She is Free!  Willi freed her!”

I was ecstatic and swam back to shore. Willi, from the local ‘Dolphin Community’, was holding the cord in his hands. He was overwhelmed with joy and at the same time humble and blessed to be the one to have finally freed her.  We hugged each other, tears of joy streaming down our faces.

The next day hundreds of Dolphins swam into the Bay. It was like a day of celebration. They were leaping, spinning, playing and interacting with us Human ‘Beamings’, as if to thank us for freeing our Dolphin friend.  According to local residents, it was the most amazing active and playful experience they had ever witnessed.

What a beautiful and joyous way to bring our retreat to a close! I found this experience to be very symbolic. We are often attached by emotional cords to situations in our life. We find it hard to let go, gathering more debris along the way.  Isolating ourselves from others, we get stuck in our pain and don’t allow outside help.  Help that is there for us and that may come in many forms; not necessarily from our own species.

    Willy with the Cord

(Dolphin Dave sketched this painting depicting the rescue)

Thank you again Willi, for being there and for freeing our Dolphin friend

Dolphin Dave sketched this painting (right) depicting the rescue.

The following day, as Pauline was snorkeling in the middle of the Bay, mesmerized by a group of dolphins who were doing geometric figures below, bumped heads with Willi. Laughing, thinking how weird it was to bump heads in such a large bay, asked him if he would recognize the Dolphin. Just as she asked the question, a Dolphin swam in a circle around them and leaped up into the air.

He replied – “That’s her!”

Written by Hannelore



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