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Value Your Worth

Value Your Worth

happywoman“Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself.” ~ Richard Bach

Many times I questioned my path. ‘Who am I to be teaching? Who am I to offer seminars? Who am I to be a writer? Who am I to think I might have gifts to offer the world?”

I was in the film industry but was being called to embark upon a Spiritual journey. The challenge was that I had difficulty charging for my services. Many people desperately needed emotional support but they could not afford it. Over the years I gifted many of my classes and offered therapy sessions at no charge. I had a core belief, that if it’s spiritual it should be free.

I found myself bartering. My gardening was taken care of, my house was cleaned. I was the recipient of a great collection of pottery – but I wasn’t receiving money for my work. The bartered gifts and services did not pay my mortgage or any of my other bills. I kept remortgaging with the equity I still had in my home, until there was none left. I could no longer financially survive on my chosen path. I had to rethink my approach.

If I chose another career, I could no longer offer the services and classes that I  created and so enjoyed. I asked myself whether or not I was even making a difference in anyone’s life and if I should now pursue another calling. There was only one place to go – directly to God/Source. I asked “What is it I’m meant to do? As much as I love what I am doing, I cannot survive financially.”

The response was loud and clear as I heard this loud whisper…”Then value your worth.”

Finding self-worth can be a challenge when one has questioned it for a long time.

I love the way the Universe works. God/Source immediately set me straight with the ring of my phone. It was a call from a woman who attended a talk I had given a few months prior. Here is what she said:

“Hannelore, I just had to call to say thank you. When I was at your seminar a few months ago, you gave us a reflection exercise. You asked, ‘If you only had a few months to live, would you feel complete?’

I had never meditated before nor had I done classes before, so I was quite surprised when I heard this very loud resounding voice inside my head say,’ NO!’ You then said, ‘If your answer is no, then ask what it would take in order to feel complete.’

Before I tell you the answer I received, I would like to share something with you. Twenty five years ago I gave birth to a son. Because of my circumstances at that time, I had to give him up for adoption. It tore me apart. I have never spent a day not thinking of him and wondering if he is still okay. I never had any other children and I was always afraid to look for him in case he did not want to see me. In that moment when you asked us what it would take to feel complete, I had a very clear message that I was to find him.

I am calling to let you know that when I registered to look for him, his name was already on the list as he had been trying to find me. We called each other and have had many long and wonderful conversations on the phone. I am going to see him next week. I am so excited and feeling a joy I have never felt before. I wanted to call you because without you, this would not have happened. I want to thank you and let you know what a difference you have made in my life.”

I had tears in my eyes. My heart thrilled with Joy for her and I was eternally grateful because my prayers were also answered. I have learned that when I ask, I am given my answer.

Written by Hannelore



“If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price.”
~Author Unknown



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