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The Phenomenon of Orbs ~ Part 4 : Again, what are the Orbs?

The Phenomenon of Orbs ~ Part 4 : Again, what are the Orbs?

orbs-4Again, what are orbs?

They appear in a variety of shapes and sizes, predominately circular. Some believe if they are circular, they often carry a message of peace.  The ones that are octagonal as well as square or diamond shaped are believed to bring scientific ideas. It is believed that orbs bring us messages, study who we are and the planet and/or are the carrier of Souls.

They are sometimes seen as tiny pinpricks of light, at other times they are extremely large globes of light and every size in between.  Some are energy streamers – photons of light.  These carry knowledge of truth and the light of that particular entity.

Streamers are often seen as a light green color, although they can be other colors as well.  They differ from orbs.  In a unique fashion they are orbs, yet they free flow in a different style, while the majority of circular and other shaped orbs prefer vertical descent and ascent to this planet.  This is what I saw and took pictures of at the Convention that I mentioned earlier.

They are believed to be here to introduce us to expanded information systems.  They are emerging super-sensing systems that connect through our intuition and have a commonality with advanced civilizations and are showing us the pathway for contact.  They are even known to be related to a family of native people who call themselves “The Ancient Ones”.

Our higher consciousness has been familiar with Orbs – we have reached a time when we are bringing that awareness into our temporal world.

According to Universal law which states “Like attracts Like”, orbs interact with humans and animals who possess and vibrate with the same frequencies as the orbs themselves.

There are orbs that carry the Souls that are pure radiant happy faces and have a peaceful feeling about them.  I shared my experience earlier in this article of one such face I believe to be my father.

Orbs have been appearing for the past couple of decades.  Photographers all over the world have been witness to this curious phenomenon.  As digital cameras began to replace conventional film cameras, they have been showing up under many different conditions.  Although you can train yourself to see them, and many do, they are not often seen by the naked eye.  Miceal Ledwith suggests that you take digital pictures in one area at the same time of day or night for 30 consecutive days.  You are then allowing your brain to accept that this is a reality.

They appear more on your pictures when taking a flash photograph at night; although they will appear in daytime photos as well.  They respond to high frequencies generated by flute, different musical scales, octaves, singing and dancing.  They resonate with the music of the spheres in the higher dimensions.

As William A. Tiller, PHD – a professor Emeritus, Stanford University, states …
“If the experimenters bio-field is strong enough to ‘condition’ the space and the camera, and if the orbs are a life-form of the R-space domain, they should be photographable provided technical conditions hold.  This could occur if they are sufficiently information entangled with us.  The orbs are certainly not creatures of our space time world.  This type of photographic evidence should be accessible with even higher dimensional life forms under the appropriate circumstances.”

Scientists, those studying traditional science and psycho energetic science, have known about orbs for a long time.  They have come to the conclusion that the appearance of orbs in and around our planet at this time is not accidental.

There is an increase in energies directed toward our planet.  This is heightening our awareness and our intuition and elevating our human consciousness.  So what we did not “see” before is now becoming seen.

I see this phenomenon as communication manifestations that will assist us in unfolding the adventure of our future.  As our consciousness awakens we see that this consciousness actually manipulates information.

I believe there is a dimensional shift occurring.  The planet is going through major changes as we too, have accelerated in countless ways externally as well as internally.  Science has observed the change in the Sun’s charged particles and their influence on our earth’s magnetic field.  This causal effect occurs also in our magnetic fields and is the impetus for change.  There is a shift happening. Our bodies, emotions and very essence is preparing for these new paradigms.

Dr. Berrenda Fox provides evidence of DNA and cellular changes and has proven through blood tests that some people have actually developed new strands of DNA.  In his findings, Dr. Fox states “there are major changes, mutations that haven’t occurred, according to geneticists, since the time we supposedly came out of the water.

A number of years ago in Mexico City there was a convention of geneticists from around the world, and the main topic was the DNA change.  it was said that “We are making an evolutionary change, yet we don’t know what we are changing into.”

Extracted from an article “The Bigger Picture” by Suzanna Thorpe-Clark – “We are being changed physically from carbon-based beings with 2 strands of DNA into crystalline beings with 1,024 strands of DNA (eventually), because only crystalline substances can exist on higher dimensional levels.  It is not just Humans that are changing but all life forms are changing.”
We are shifting into Crystalline Bodies!

In our ancient texts and in many prophesies, we have been told about these changes and the time prophesied is now.  Our bodies, our emotions and the very core of our beings are opening to these changes and possibilities.  Many believe, according to the Mayans, that we entered in a “new world” in 2012 – a new way of being.  We are exploring a new paradigm of existence.

I believe this shift into higher dimensions is part of the Phenomenon we are witnessing with the presence of orbs.

Orbs presenting themselves in our photographs may well be a significant piece of the puzzle to embrace the reality of Spirituality.  They cast a new light on the philosophical/spiritual/scientific realization that “All is One”.



If you have “Orb” pictures you would like to share, I would love to receive them.


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