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The Big Fat Bumblebee

The Big Fat Bumblebee

‘The Big Fat Bumblebee’
(an actual experience had by a friend of mine)

It was a dark, dismal and freezing day.  One’s breath hung heavy in the air.  Beneath her feet the snow, darkly speckled with months of traffic grime, crunched in resistance with each slow step she took.  Anne’s heart felt very heavy.  This was the first time in years she returned to England, and it was also to visit her mother’s grave.

She thought about how she would never again hear her mother’s laughter.  She would miss the many happy hours enjoying numerous cups of tea and long conversations.  It was all surreal.  Even her surroundings felt gloomy as she walked through the cemetery.  Feeling very vulnerable, she barely managed to place one foot in front of the other.  Anne now stood at her mother’s fresh grave. After several long minutes she slowly crouched down and placed her hand on the newly dug cold earth. Through her tears she said, “Hi Mom, I’m here … can you let me know that you know I am here to see you?”

Suddenly, a huge fat bumblebee buzzed past Anne’s ear and landed on top of her mother’s gravestone.  Time seemed to stand still. She was calm and felt a deep sense of peace. Anne was mesmerized by the bee which simply and quietly sat on the stone seemingly gazing back at her.  Then it suddenly disappeared.  She wondered, “Did I just blink or for a brief moment take my eyes off it?”  It was nowhere in sight.

Once again the chill of winter brought her back to her surroundings.  She thought, “It is so cold and there isn’t a single flower in sight.  How does a bumblebee appear in winter?” On reflection, what also surprised Anne who is normally very jumpy and easily frightened, was that she was not startled or afraid?

Anne shared her experience with her sister, who was waiting for her in the car.  Early the following morning the sisters further discussed the bee.  Suddenly there was a loud racket.  Their brother, who was in the Navy, came storming down the stairs.  It was imperative he be back to his ship that morning.  He shouted, “My alarm didn’t go off!  If it hadn’t been for that Big Fat Bumblebee buzzing around my bedroom I would have overslept!”

“Was there a window open?” Anne asked.  “No,” he replied.  “Where did the bee go, is it still there?” her sister asked. “Haven’t seen it since I’ve been up,” he responded.

Taking comfort in knowing their mother’s essence continues to watch over them, Anne and her sister looked at each other with a deep sense of peace and smiled.


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