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HUMAN-DOLPHIN CONNECTIONS and Interesting Facts About Dolphins Part Two

HUMAN-DOLPHIN CONNECTIONS and Interesting Facts About Dolphins Part Two


More detailed research on Dolphins continues to help us understand their complex systems. The May 2015 issue of National Geographic dedicated 24 pages and its cover ‘Thinking like a Dolphin’ and subsequent pages ‘Breaking the communication barrier between dolphins and humans’.

I was amazed to learn they can feel and ‘touch’ their sounds in the water. I have often seen them ‘tickle’ each other with sound, which they use to sensually rouse each other as well. They use their sonar, echolocation clicks, and whistles to hunt and navigate. Dolphins also have ‘Signature Whistles’ to identify each other, much like we use our names. They often combine ‘clicks’ and buzzing sounds when communicating. We have often FELT these sounds as we are literally ‘buzzed’ while swimming with them in the water.

I have also on occasion been blessed to see them very excited, chirping and clicking loudly, as they swim extremely fast weaving in and out and forming geometric patterns in the water below me.
(as in the image above and to the right) 


Experts believe there is a DNA link to Dolphin-Human Communications which can result in remarkable healings.

According to a team of Cetacean (dolphin and whale) researchers at the Sirius Institute on the Big Island of Hawaii … “Beyond being life’s blueprint, DNA plays a powerful role in newly discovered communications between dolphins and humans… “. An ongoing study there shows these marine mammals receive and transmit sound signals capable of affecting the genetic double helix. Using natural biotechnology, dolphins may heal humans swimming near them “sonogenetically.”

Dolphins are one of the few animal species known to solve conflicts. They are rarely violent. With bursts of pulsing sounds they go head to head, posturing with open mouths to quickly resolve issues.

Researchers have seen dolphins acting as mid-wives and protectors for Whales while they are giving birth. Dolphins are very protective of their young, of each other and of humans. There are many stories of swimmers having been protected or saved by a circling pod of dolphins.

The following is my personal story:

When I first began my research, and when my swimming abilities were not so strong, I experienced a magical day where two friends and I spent the morning swimming in three different bays with several pods of dolphins. While swimming in the first two bays, we experienced joyful interactions with approximately 60 playful dolphins, all weaving around us inviting us to interact. It was exhilarating!

We were blessed to find there were dolphins in the third bay, albeit a smaller pod. Only this time they were much further out into the ocean. We swam quite a distance when they turned and came to greet us. They seemed as excited as we were to have this magical interaction. After a time, I told my friends that I felt complete and I would head back to shore. It was then I realized that as we played with the dolphins we kept drifting further out to sea. I took my time and swam for a quite a long while.

When I paused to see how far the shore was, I was surprised the people on the beach still looked like ants. I turned to where I last connected with my friends but I could no longer see them. Fear suddenly washed over me. I thought, “I am all alone! What a stupid thing to do, to go off on my own! What if I get a cramp? what if … OMG I am part of the food chain!”

Just then, a deep calm washed over me. As I looked to my left, there was a solitary dolphin a couple of feet from me. It telepathically gave me this message, “No need to fear, I am with you.” Instantly my fear dissolved. That precious dolphin stayed by my side until my feet touched the sand near the shore. It then swam around me once and went back out to sea.


Dolphin-assisted therapy occurs in an undersea environment electrochemically, similar to human blood serum, which enhances the energetic effects. These findings, according to Paradise Newland, founder of the Sirius Institute, dolphin-attended underwater childbirth pioneer, and originator of the Cetacean Commonwealth, support a new view of dolphins and whales as “people of the sea.”

“The Cetacea have had complex languages for millions of years, have the largest brains, include the largest creatures anywhere, and have a history of friendship, cooperation, and even partnership with humans,” she says. These facts support the need to enact legislation, according to Ms. Newland, designating dolphins and whales as “conscious beings” and giving them “full protection under human laws.”

The Commonwealth is advancing this scientific and political agenda to encourage Cetacean preservation, cross-species communication, and their increasing participation in our world. Dr. Hyson, who has had numerous experiences with Dolphins for over 40 years, states:

“Dolphins are more ‘human’ than many of us. They are empathetic, telepathic, and often willing to help humans heal. We will use this research to help establish the rights that Cetacea are entitled to in a process similar to how the Australian Aboriginal people gained their human rights to life.”

Douglas Webster also states: “Think about it for a minute. Our aquatic cousins have lived in perfect harmony and balance for eons of time. Maybe we can learn something from them. The fact of the matter is we know next to nothing about this sublime species of mammal that chose to move back into the ocean nearly fifty million years ago.”


Dolphin intelligence seems to stem from the Heartbrain. That is to say, they understand and react to the world around them from an intuitive based intelligence that has demonstrated itself to go far beyond what is considered simply instinctual. They’ve given us evidence of a high social order with vast and complex communication systems. They’ve demonstrated empathic and telepathic abilities as well as hints of intelligence beyond our capacity to even measure. It would make sense that they operate on an entirely different level of consciousness than humans.

Scientists, using their precious logic systems to measure intelligence, have thus far only tried to talk down to this species. If anything, cetaceans demonstrate what many believe is the next step in our human evolution. It is our task to raise our level of awareness before communication with them becomes possible. The inherent tools we have for this potential are Intuition and Imagination, both of which have been sorely underestimated in our society.”

Their message is simple and powerful. The Dolphins taught me to remember to ‘BE’ in the moment and to ‘PLAY’. They also taught me to ‘Listen with my heart.’ Our closest connection to Spirit is through harmony with nature. Its gentle creatures, the dolphins, have taught me how effortless it is to be at one with nature, to FEEL love and connect to and follow my joy and bliss.

I invite you to join me … to use your Imagination … imagine yourself in a warm ocean of love with a Dolphin friend beside you – reminding you of your alignment with your true nature.

‘Nature is Spirit made visible’

With infinite love and gratitude,

~ Hannelore


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