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HUMAN-DOLPHIN CONNECTIONS and Interesting Facts About Dolphins Part One

HUMAN-DOLPHIN CONNECTIONS and Interesting Facts About Dolphins Part One

“My first experience swimming with Non-Captive Dolphins in 1999 was the most powerful turning point in my life. I had never before experienced such an elevated state of Joy and BLISS.

I knew something very profound and remarkable had just occurred. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a powerful connection with and respect for nature. Yet nothing prepared me for the profound experience of a deeply moving eye to eye communication with a solitary Dolphin. We swam side by side for a very long time, and then at the invitation of the rest of the pod, I found myself in the center of approximately 30 Dolphins.

We swam together on a surreal journey of pure love and mutual respect. I experienced the most magical adventure, both deeply moving and ecstatically playful at the same time. I felt in total harmony with nature and at one with this magical pod.

Years of research followed. I discovered Dolphins are loving, social, evolved and extremely intelligent, playful and sensual creatures. They are the only living beings that use their brain more effectively than humans! It is estimated the Dolphin uses up to 20% of its cerebral capacity … that is DOUBLE that of our HUMAN BRAIN!

Dolphin Sound Research

Did you know that dolphins have naturally developed their Sonar ability and have an echolocation system that is far more efficient than any sonar invented by humankind? According to research their sonar and clicking sounds affect our DNA and elevate our human brain wave patterns of consciousness.

Many people who interact with Dolphins in the water experience a shift in brain wave patterns from beta to a more relaxed theta state of consciousness. These sounds they emanate activate our pineal gland which then induces a flow of endorphin’s and serotonin, giving one the feeling ranging from a deep peace, ecstasy to the ‘Bliss phenomena’ – feelings of love in its highest form. That sums up the very emotion I felt with my first and subsequent experiences swimming with dolphins!

I learned Dolphins use many different frequencies of sounds, some that are 10 times higher than humans can hear. For example they make ultrasounds of 110 – 150 kHz and as humans we can only hear up to 15-20 kHz (kilohertz).

Dolphins are very social and family oriented ocean mammals. They can live well into their 50s. Males mature at approximately 15 and females can become pregnant at the age of 9. Their physical measure of intelligence is believed to be 2nd to humans, albeit some believe they may, in their unique way, possibly be the most intelligent species on the planet.

According to Douglas Webster, a friend of mine and a friend to the Cetacean Nation,
“Many people who’ve been in the water with dolphins have reported an exhilaration of mind and a quickening of spirit unlike anything else. Many have felt entire perceptual shifts and healing sensations on the subtle levels of their energy bodies. It’s believed that the dolphins quite naturally balance the energy centers, known as Chakras, and by doing so open up our expansive levels of consciousness.”

Dolphins as Teachers and Healers

I knew I had to share this experience with others, and I was strongly drawn to promote respectful conscious awareness in all interactions with our non-captive cetacean friends. My first ‘Communing With Dolphins’ retreat was held on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2003. Since that time I have witnessed many participants who have had life altering experiences, radical spontaneous healings and were deeply moved on all levels – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

We know dolphins are very playful. We often play ‘leaf tag’ with each other. Before going into the ocean, we gather leaves from the beach and tuck them into our suits. As we near the dolphins, we drop the leaves so they can pick them up with their fins or their tails. These playful dolphins swim by us to drop the leaf off for us to gather.

They have often tested me, as many times they will dive deeper with the leaf, encouraging me to dive down for it. Just when I feel my lungs will burst in my attempt to reach the leaf, one will swim by and grab it with a chirping sound that sounds like teasing laughter. Sometimes I will catch a leaf allowing it to cover my mask and my eyes, only to have a dolphin swim by, seemingly making laughing sounds and mimic me by picking up the leaf over its eyes.

The magic of Human-Dolphin interactions continue to teach me and my fellow human friends the importance of play in our daily lives. To play is crucial to our cognitive development and ultimately enhances our ability to deal with the challenges life often presents us.

I invite you to join me … to use your Imagination … imagine yourself in a warm ocean of love with a Dolphin friend beside you – reminding you of your alignment with your true nature.

‘Nature is Spirit made visible’

With love and gratitude,

~ Hannelore


(This is PART ONE of Two articles on HUMAN-DOLPHIN CONNECTION – Be sure to read ‘PART TWO’)


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