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Vision Boards

Vision Boards

Vision Board(s)

Also known as Dream Boards and/or Treasure Maps.

A Vision Board is a visual representation of your desires, dreams and goals you wish to manifest into your life. By choosing a collection of images, affirmations, words and photographs, you create a collage to place on your vision board to motivate and inspire you to ‘see’ them as a reality.


If you choose, consider creating several vision boards.

For example:

Personal Desire(s), your ideal vision

Career, life path and/or to be of service

Financial abundance

Relationships ~ friends, family, co-workers and/or significant other

World Vision ~ for the Well being of the Planet

This can be fun to do with a group of friends or on your own. If with a group of friends, you could consider creating a ‘communal’ vision board. The possibilities are infinite!

Collect images, inspirational quotes, words, affirmations and photographs that clearly represent your ‘Vision.’

Your vision boards can be on any size paper you feel comfortable working with. You can use cork boards, canvas or sheets of cardboard. If you have space on your wall, you might have fun with a large board for your main vision. For example standard cork boards are available in a variety of sizes from 8 x 10 inches to 2 x 3 feet to 4 x 8 feet etc. If you are so inclined, you can create a whole wall with several vision boards for a selection of desires/visions!  You choose.

Be specific and add details. Images, words and affirmations are powerful. Use what depicts your desires, dreams and aspirations.

Be sure you can place your vision board(s) where you can see them daily.

Begin and end each day by spending a few minutes with your vision board.  State your affirmation out loud as you imagine living this as a reality in your life. Notice what it ‘feels’ like in your body as you breathe in your vision as ‘already so’. Offer gratitude that this is now in your life.

Your thoughts before going to bed will replay during your dream-time and your subconscious never sleeps.

Beginning and ending your day filled with gratitude, sets the energy of all that you will attract into your life.

It is important to not be ‘attached’ to your specific vision, rather release it to the infinite wisdom of the Universe that “This or something even greater is in my life now!”

As your visions become a reality, create new ones. Place your realized visions in a place that you can access to help remind you of what you created.

Have fun!!!

(The above practice is one of many in my Trilogy, “Your Soul’s Whispers” ~ book three “Essential Practices”)

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