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Opening Ceremony – Calling in the six directions

Opening Ceremony – Calling in the six directions

I use this ceremony to begin all my classes, retreats, house blessings and when requested, for Weddings, Renewal of Vows and Baptisms.
I have chosen to call on the energies listed below, and please keep in mind there are varying traditional beliefs.

In honor of my Blackfoot Mother, Rosie, who adopted me and gave me the name “Natoominaki” (Sacred Wings Woman) and guided me on my Red Path to become a Pipe Carrier and Sun Dancer. I humbly give thanks to have been blessed in receiving her precious love and wisdom.

(The picture to the right was taken of Rosie and I at the completion of my first Sundance)

The following Ceremony is the ca
lling in of the blessings of the six directions as we honor Mother Earth and invite the presence of the Divine Spirit.
When performing this ceremony I face each direction as I call them in and invite others to do so with me.


Ceremony …

I call upon the power of Mother Earth, symbolized by the great turtle, the one who carries us on her shoulders. Guide us so we may have patience and take one step at a time on our journey here. Powers of the earth come in.

I call to the east, place of air and of Spring and the place of illumination and visionary truth. Home of the Eagle, the bird that flies highest and sees the farthest. Teach us to transform what does not serve us and to see the greater picture of all that occurs in our daily lives.

I call to the south, place of fire, and of summer.  The place of trust and innocence and the home of the sacred mouse. Teach us to trust, to find again our innocent eyes, our childlike wonder of the world. Teach us to see what is right in front of our eyes so that we may gather learning, gather trust, gather the power of touching others in gentle healing ways.

I call to the west; place of water, autumn and intuition. Home of the great bear. Teach us to go within and to hear our inner voice and distinguish our voice of intuition from the false voices of fear, doubt and indecision.

I call to the powers of the north; place of earth and winter and of storms, wisdom and knowledge. Home of the great white Buffalo. Provide us with the wisdom to share what we have learned and to nourish others with the bounty of our being.

 I call forth the angels of light to encircle us and with their wings of love, light and protection.

I call on the powers of the Sky, the Great Spirit, and beings of the highest vibration of light.   Fill us with your bright light, love and compassion and may we experience the power of your gentle healing ways. Nourish us, enlighten us, allow the powers of the earth, the east, south, west and north to shine in and through us, as you teach us peace, joy and wisdom so that we may experience joy, love and laughter.

All my Relations …

So Be It and So It Is


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