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Smudging Prayer

Smudging Prayer

The following prayer is a prayer I wrote and is a suggestion only.

There are many others that can be found on the internet, or better yet, make up your own.

When smudging in a group you can use your feather smudge wand and direct the smoke to the group as a whole or to each individual and say the prayer out loud or in silence.

When in a group or at a retreat, I usually begin with  an …
‘Opening Ceremony ~ calling in the directions’ 

I then either smudge the group as a whole, or when in class or at a retreat, walk to each individual and smudge them as they face me and have them turn around so that I also smudge their back. At this time my smudging prayer is a silent prayer. 

 When smudging yourself, you can place your hands into the smoke and gently rub them together as though you are washing them.

Then gather the smoke into your hands as you bring your hands to each part of your body as follows in the prayer.


Smudging Prayer …

May my hands be cleansed and blessed
so that I creatively and lovingly use them in service.

May my eyes be cleansed and blessed
so that I see clearly the greater picture of all that occurs,
And I always see the beauty and blessings this world has to offer.

May my throat be cleansed and blessed
So that I speak my truth, clearly with love and compassion.

May my heart be cleansed and blessed
that I be open to giving and receiving love
And acknowledge my souls whispers.

May my solar plexus be cleansed and blessed
That I use my power wisely and with integrity.

May my feet be cleansed and blessed
So that as I walk this earth I do so with respect for all of life

As this sacred smoke surrounds me
I give thanks for my life,
And that I am a clear channel to be of service.

May the smoke of this sacred plant
Carry my prayers of love and gratitude
Into the sacredness of the ‘All that is’

All my Relations


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