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‘Smudging’     To Cleanse, Bless and Purify

The practice of ‘smudging’ has been used for eons in ancient cultures and still to this day and throughout the world.   Our Native Elders taught us that before a person can be healed or heal another, one must be cleansed of any bad feelings, negative thoughts, bad spirits or negative energy; cleansed both physically and spiritually.

‘Smudging’ cleanses individuals, objects dwellings and ones surroundings.

‘Smudging Ceremony’

Using a shell, or other heat proof container, burn Sweet Grass, Cedar and/or Sage. 

Extinguish the flame and then Fan the smoke using a Feather Smudge Wand to clear a room, an object and to ‘smudge’ yourself and others.

Be sure to open all doors and windows to allow the smoke to release.

Often, feathers used in a smudge wand are Turkey Feathers.

The Turkey is known as the LAND EAGLE and is the ‘giver’.

It also indicates gratitude, abundance and fertility.

Some wands may also have Peacock, Hawk or other assorted Feathers.

In Shamanic rituals, Peacock Feathers are used as an aid in healing as they are believed to have protective powers.








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