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The Wayside Chapel

The Wayside Chapel

A bit of humor for you …

The Wayside Chapel

by Dave Kneeshaw


An English lady, a dame quite grand
Had returned from a trip to Switzerland.
She merrily inspected a room where she’d stay
For the summer months just weeks away.
She returned quite pleased with the room she booked
But one slight feature she had overlooked.
The premises bathroom facilities
Referred to in England as WCs
Water Closets are what their called.
A room or a booth where the toilets installed.


So she wrote the manager, “Would you please
advise the arrangements for the WCs?”
The manager took the note to a Priest
And their English was poor to say the least.
They guessed and they queried, a mental grapple.
Well WC must mean Wayside Chapel.
So with this information the manager wrote
The English lady this flowery note:

“My lady, I hope this note will cheer
for the WC is really quite near.
A mere eight miles down the lane
A pleasant stroll if it doesn’t rain.
It’s open on Sundays and Thursdays too.
In a grove of pines and lovely to view.
Polished wood benches and what is more
It seats Three Hundred and Fifty Four.
It may please you to know that my grandson Morgan
Accompanies the Sunday group on the organ.
For a quaint WC this may seem absurd
The acoustics are great and each sound can be heard.
If your Ladyship wishes, we’ll bring you lunch
And make it a day with the happy bunch.
You may hire a cab if you so desire
If utmost haste is your prime desire.
The twice a week business is sad I must say
For those in the habit of going each day.
My sweet wife’s ill and she pains poor dear
For she hasn’t gone in well over a year.
What’s more if you wish, I’ll reserve the Grand stall
Where your Ladyships’ presence is in full view of all.
To render more service, most happy I’ll be
And I’m sure you’ll enjoy our WC.



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