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Intuition in Action … it can save the one you love.

Intuition in Action … it can save the one you love.

It was a remarkable week long retreat.  The joy and transformations experienced by all was a huge confirmation we were on the right path.  I was packing for my trip home when my intuition, an inner whisper, nudged me to call and see if I could rebook my flight.  It was late Saturday morning and my flight was booked for early Sunday morning.  When I called the airline I was informed there would be an additional $300 fee so I decided to keep my original booking.

Intuitive nudges (and whispers) that I go directly to the airport and get a flight on Saturday continued.  The Universe demonstrated support for this idea.  A series of synchronistic events unfolded.  Several road detours re-routed us to drive right by the airport.

I had my assistant wait in the car while I went to the airline counter. A representative confirmed the additional fee but wanted to research options when the computer crashed. The clerk requested I wait for a moment; however a shift change occurred. I was about to leave when that same voice inside my head stated “Wait, don’t leave.” After several minutes the computers were still down.  The new attendant apologized for the delay. Stating I waited long enough, he booked me on the next Saturday flight free of charge!

Traditionally, once my bags arrive on the carousel, I phone my mother to let her know of my return home safe and sound.  This time, on arrival, the computers once again malfunctioned and caused a 20 minute delay before the luggage reached the carousel.

Once my bags arrived, I kept with tradition and called my mother.

She greeted me cheerfully; “Oh how wonderful, you are home early!”

“Yes, it is good to be home.”  I replied.

“Howrrrr warrrsshh yurrrr ffffligggg?” she mumbled.

“Sorry Mom, what did you say?” 

“Howwww waashhh  yuuuuuuur”  she couldn’t finish the question!

“Are you Okay Mom?” I asked, now really concerned.

“Nooooo!”  she replied.

 I realized that right at that moment I was listening to my Mother having a stroke!

Slowly and firmly I said, “Mom, hang up, I am going to call for help!” 

By the time my brother arrived at her place she seemed okay.  She knew to take two aspirins which the doctor confirmed may just have also saved her life.  She did not want to go to the hospital, but at our insistence we got her there.  Her blood pressure was extremely high.

She experienced a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA). My understanding is that a TIA is an early warning and if not treated, it often reoccurs and becomes deadly within a week or month.

The Universe provided synchronicities and my voice of intuition guided us to the precise moment necessary to save my mother’s life.

I am deeply grateful to God and the Universe that we had three more wonderful years before my beloved mother passed from a massive stroke.
Since her passing we often see ladybugs as a sign when thinking of her (hence the above image of a ladybug)  

May you trust your voice of intuition as it gently guides you on your path.



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