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Hi and thank you for continuing to be part of my spiritual community.

I trust this note finds you and your loved ones well and that you are enjoying the beautiful springtime weather. For me, every moment spent in nature and in my garden is a moment of bliss.
Adding rich soil to nourish the garden
I brought in five yards of soil (yikes) to add nourishment to replenish my garden. As an avid gardener I am always reminded that we too need to nourish and replenish ourselves.

Invitation and Celebration!

For the past many years, I've been compiling my most treasured teachings and stories with the intention of bringing them together in book form.

My book grew into a trilogy! I'm delighted to let you know that the first book of my trilogy will be published on this year's summer solstice.
I'd be honored if you would join me for the unveiling of: Your Soul’s Whispers: A Journey of Awakening.

To mark the occasion, there will be live music, a guest speaker, refreshments, door prizes, book signings and a great opportunity to mingle with new and old friends.

It happens on Sunday June 23 (noon to 2 p.m.)
at the Sunnyside Hall - 1845 154th St., S. Surrey, B.C.

My celebration follows the service at the Centre for Spiritual Living in White Rock, where I will be speaking about the "Joy Amidst the Chaos."

With all my heart, I hope to see you at the service and at the celebration.
For location and more details, click the link below and scroll down to "Launch Celebration Event."

Revised Website

With the wants and needs of my spiritual community in mind, I have revised and combined my Windows to the Soul and the Communing with Dolphins websites.

I invite you to browse through the upcoming events section for workshops, talks, Vision Quest and Dolphin retreats that speak to your soul.

There's also a photo gallery, links to forty videos, a blog section with six categories, including essential practices, inspiring articles, quotes and excerpts from my forthcoming book.

To explore my new website, click on the link below:

Upcoming talks:

Guest Speaker June 9, 11 a.m.
Unity of White Rock
1469 George St., White Rock, B.C.


Stories to reawaken your childlike joy for the gift of life with enlightening stories of the glorious connection between nature and self-love.
Inspiring and heartfelt, you will walk away from from this talk ready to embrace the abundant miracles gifted by the All That Is, and ready to move forward with renewed hope and the certainty that you are loved…that you are love.

Guest Speaker June 23, 10:30
Centre for Spiritual Living
1845 154th St. South Surrey, B.C.


Concealed Companionship of Deep Sorrow & Extreme Joy
True stories of surrendering into patience and faith in order to transcend the chaos of sorrow and return to a place of peace and joy.
Inspiring and heartwarming, these stories offer a fresh perspective on the hidden blessings of grief and strife and invite you to trust that all is in Divine perfection.

You are invited to stay and join us for my Celebration book launch following the service!

An excerpt from Your Soul's Whispers: A Journey of Awakening:

Inspired by synchronicities in my life - some tragic, some beautiful - through thought-provoking stories and awakening processes, the book offers teaching on how to transcend illusions created by fear, doubt and distrust and awaken to the magnificent brilliance within, your authentic Self.

The following is a true story about a "Nonconscious Intuitive Reaction" that saved my son’s precious life.

When my son was about one-and-a-half years old, we visited a friend at her home. My son happily played with his toys in the living room as my friend and I sat at her dining room table and chatted over tea. My friend’s house had an open layout, so I was able to watch him. I could also see that the large area rug in the living room had an enormous bulge in the center, which I noted was a tripping hazard.

After my friend and I had enjoyed several cups of tea, without any apparent reason, my heart started to pound as the hair on my limbs stood straight and my entire body reacted as it would to an impending danger. I quickly glanced toward my son. He had the pointed end of a very large kitchen knife in his mouth! He was about fifteen feet away, walking towards us, and about to trip over the bulge in the carpet with his next step.

At super-human speed, I somehow managed to reach him, gingerly remove the knife from his mouth and then his hand. Images of the knife piercing his throat or the roof of his mouth and then his brain flashed through my mind. Horrified by what could have happened, I went into shock.

My sudden and notable physical reaction to impending danger was due to my nonconscious intuitive mind realizing what my conscious mind had missed. Although I kept a close eye on him, without my noticing, my adventurous son had gone into the kitchen, climbed on a step stool and retrieved the knife from the counter.

No wonder parents end up with grey hair!
If I can be of service to you in any way, please reach out to me. (click on the button below)

With infinite love and gratitude,
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