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Update, Smile Break & Inspirational Insights

Yikes, it's September Already!

I trust that you, your family and friends enjoyed the summer. One of the highlights for me was my annual visit to the PNE with my grandchildren. We arrived just before the gates to the fairground opened and visited many of the exhibits, enjoyed numerous live shows and events, and as usual, ended our day at Playland.
Dozens of rides later (mostly them, not me), we left around midnight. Sore feet and all, we headed back to my place for a sleepover. It was a full day of fun, laughter and cherished memories ... albeit, thirteen continuous hours of fun is exhausting!

They say:
"If you don't grow up by the time you are fifty, you don't have to."
What they don't tell you:
"However, you're going to need a lot of naps!"

~ Update ~

A Journey of Awakening
Book 1 ~ Your Soul's Whispers Trilogy

In case you missed my last newsletter announcing the launch of my first book in the Your Soul's Whispers Trilogy, it is now available on Amazon.

If you would like a personally signed copy of A Journey of Awakening, please contact me by email: Hannelore@Hannelore.ca
Your Soul's Whispers - Book with spine
A Few Readers Reviews:

“Hannelore’s books are like an exquisite tapestry - carefully woven into each paragraph is a beautiful timeless message that miraculously resurrects the soul.” ~ Charles Patterson, author.

“Through exquisite storytelling and profound understanding, Hannelore offers adventures into self-discovery and universal wisdom. Her words gently expand our vision of how consciousness evolves and opens heart and mind to the oneness we share.” ~ Francene Hart, author & visionary artist.

“Hannelore has a remarkable gift of giving one a gentle push to move on to the next level of their awareness and to let go of what no longer serves them. There is something in this book for everyone no matter where you are on your path of awakening. It is easy to follow, and is a great reminder for those of us who have been on the path for some time.

I love that the pages are not filled with psychic babble, but are brimming with believable, gently sweet and thought-provoking stories that deeply touched me. Reading this book is like sitting on your couch having a cup of tea with Hannelore. Thank you for opening my heart, and for reminding me it is okay to cry and to remember to laugh.” ~ Rachel Cuyler, intuitive counselor.

Available by Advance Order

Although I planned to publish the second book in the Your Soul’s Whispers Trilogy this September, what was intended to be a booklet blossomed into a major new book:
The Magic of Energy: Chakras, Auras, Crystals & Sound.
Magic of Energy Chakras, Auras, Crystals & Sound
To live in the realm of imagination
is to live within the sphere of miracles.
~ Hannelore

Available September 26th, 2019. If you’d like to order a copy before the launch date, please email me at Hannelore@Hannelore.ca

Gifting: If you plan to gift one of my books, let’s communicate about the possibility of my including a personalized note for the recipient. Of course, I’d be delighted to personalize and autograph your book too!

We are going to Hawaii!

Soul Renewal Retreat
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March 2020 - Soul Renewal Retreats (everyone 16+)

April 2020 - Celebrate & Renew Your Love Retreat (couples only)

Make Today Your Someday!

For detailed info, CLICK HERE
Couples Retreat

~ Smile Break ~

The Long, Long Trailer
lucy and Desi.jpg
Every now and then, I enjoy watching classic movies. I came across a movie filmed in 1954 titled The Long, Long Trailer: Not Making the Grade.
The story centers on young newlyweds Tacy (played by Lucille Ball) and Nicky (played by Desi Arnaz). For their home, Tacy talks Nicky into purchasing a thirty-nine foot house trailer. Before permanently parking their new home, the two lovebirds decide to travel for their honeymoon with their trailer in tow behind their car. Part of their trip takes them into the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Along the way, Tacy gathers a large collection of rocks with the intention of using them to decorate the front patio of their new home once it’s permanently parked. Fearing the weight of the rocks will prevent them from being able to climb the mountain, Nicky orders Tacy to get rid of them. Although she agrees to do so, she doesn’t. Instead, she hides the rocks throughout the trailer.

Once Nicky heads the car and trailer up the steep mountain, Tacy worries that the rocks are going to cause them to veer off the road and tumble down a cliff. Unaware that the rocks are still in the trailer, Nicky worries that they’ll never make it up the mountain. Instead of talking about their fears, the couple does their best to nonchalantly chat about a book Tacy is reading.

Delightful and funny, the movie reminded me of when I was moving into a smaller home and had to find new guardians for the many precious rocks I’d collected. I invite you to take a smile break and watch the movie trailer with the above scene on YouTube. Their expressions are priceless.

For the link to the trailer, CLICK HERE

~ Inspirational Insights ~

On our shared journey of awakening,
to truly “see” One another,
we must look past One another’s humanness
so that we may wholeheartedly embrace
One another’s divineness.
~ Hannelore

Guided Meditation

Connect with Your Divine (or Highest) Spirit Guide

To begin, close your eyes and focus your attention on your breath. Bring your awareness to the air moving in and out of your nose.
Give yourself the suggestion that with each exhalation your body becomes more and more relaxed. Spend a couple of minutes slowly inhaling through your nose and slowly exhaling through your mouth. Now, imagine that you are moving through time and space toward a place that is very special to you, your own personal sanctuary. You feel safe in this place. Your sanctuary is peaceful and beautiful. It may be located in a natural setting or in a quiet room in your home. Your special space may be on a hill or mountain, deep within the forest by a gentle creek, or on a secluded oceanside beach. It may be within or on the far side of a beautiful rainbow, perhaps in a garden filled with delicate colorful flowers and the sweet sound of music.

Your sanctuary is a place of your own choosing where you feel protected and secure. Use your intention to go there now. As you arrive, visualize and experience the colors, smells, sounds, tastes and touch sensations. Notice how your physical body feels in this place.

Take several slow deep breaths as you continue to relax. Imagine you are looking around as you drink in all the beauty, love and peace this place provides. Softly place your hands on your heart to activate and fully appreciate the love and compassion emanating from your fourth chakra. Truly feel this love and compassion for others and yourself.

Gently take in another slow, deep breath as you invite the presence of your most divine and highest spirit guide. With deep gratitude, acknowledge the exquisite shimmering light of your divine spirit guide standing before you. Allow for an awareness of your physical body shifting into an extremely high vibration. Notice your feelings as they arise.

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