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Yikes, it's September Already!
I trust that you, your family and friends enjoyed the summer. One of the highlights for me was my annual visit to the PNE with my grandchildren. We arrived just before the gates to the fairground opened and visited many of the exhibits, enjoyed numerous live shows and events and as usual, end our day at Playland. Dozens of rides later (mostly them, not me) we left about midnight, sore feet and all, and headed for my place for a sleepover. it was a full day of fun, laughter and cherished moments that I'll forever treasure.
... albeit thirteen straight hours of fun is exhausting!
They say:
"If you don't grow up by the time you are fifty, you don't have to."
What they don't tell you:
"However, you're going to need a lot of naps!"
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Your Soul's Whispers - Book with spine

~ Update ~

A Journey of Awakening
Book 1 ~ Your Soul's Whispers Trilogy

In case you missed my last newsletter announcing the launch of my first book in the Your Soul's Whispers Trilogy, it's now available on Amazon. If you would like a personally signed copy of A Journey of Awakening, please contact me by return e-mail.
'Live your purpose before it's too late. You are here for much greater, grander things than this!'


  • Five unforgettable days nestled in an oasis of old growth forest surrounded by the ocean and breathtaking scenery.
  • Learning how to commune and deepen your connection to nature as you embrace this peace into your heart and soul.
  • Embarking on a Vision Quest led by an experienced guide.
  • Sharing with a dedicated group of supportive, encouraging like-minded vision seekers.
  • What your life will be like when you know, really know who you are and why you are here on earth.
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At the end of your 'Vision Quest' Retreat, you will have ...
  • Insights and clarity into your soul purpose.
  • Tangible, easy to use tools to implement in your life.
  • Cherished memories and newfound wisdom.
  • A personalized Action Plan to keep you on track as you accomplish your goals.
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“The Vision Quest Retreat is one of the most life changing experiences we have ever had! The retreat itself is held in a beautiful and serene spots in the Narrows Inlet. To truly bond with nature is spiritually and emotionally fulfilling. Hannelore’s method of teaching how to connect with nature by using simple steps is very powerful in creating your vision. To find your life purpose in such a sacred setting is awe inspiring. This Vision Quest is a journey that everyone should experience. Thank you Hannelore for sharing your knowledge, insight and wisdom with us!” ~ Greg and Toni Holtby

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