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Couples Retreat, Inspirational Insight & Smile Break

Imagine your relationship soaring to heights you only dreamed possible.
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Join me in Hawaii for an ALL-INCLUSIVE Retreat -
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Celebrate & Renew
Your Love Retreat

Couples Only

April 5 - 12, 2020

What you will experience:

Within a beautiful tropical setting, you’ll enjoy a perfect balance of play, learning and intimacy. You’ll spend time swimming and respectfully communing with non-captive dolphins, have quiet moments with each other, and participate in relationship-strengthening activities and exercises with other couples. During group seminars, you and your partner will discover techniques for enhancing your love, joy, intimacy and communication. Having fully experienced and embraced the most important ingredients of a loving relationship – respect and TLC (trust, love & communication) – you’ll return home feeling refreshed, happy and eager to embark on your continued journey as a couple.

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Many couples are at a loss when their relationship becomes challenging and may experience a sense of disconnection. The way back to loving each other lies in processes that are shared during the retreat. This romantic getaway retreat is the perfect solution for couples wishing to deepen their relationship and passion.
This retreat is perfect for couples who …

~ have been happily married for a long time and want a romantic getaway,
~ are in a newer relationship and want to experience the retreat as part of their honeymoon,
~ are in crisis and/or at the brink of ending their relationship,
~ wish to renew their vows during a special ceremony (must be requested in advance),
~ find communication challenging or non-existent,
~ are experiencing trust issues and/or a loss of respect for each other,
~ spend little or no meaningful quality time together, and/or
~ want to learn how to “spice” things up romantically.

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We also have retreats open to individuals and Couples

These retreats are designed for everyone to enjoy. Circumstances can prevent some couples from attending a retreat together, or they would prefer a retreat not focused on couples only. Or you may be on your own and/or would like to experience a magical retreat with friends or other family members. If any of these scenarios rings true for you, a Soul Renewal Retreat offers the perfect getaway.


Soul Renewal


(Individuals & Couples)

March 8 - 15,

2020 and

March 22 - 29

Soul Renewal Retreat (2)
Imagine… relaxing on the lanai of a magnificent oceanfront Hawaiian guesthouse overlooking a stunning greenish-blue bay where dolphins come to frolic and play. Further imagine luxuriating in a hot tub at the ocean’s edge as the setting sun paints the sky in glorious hues of orange, red and gold.

You can attend this retreat by yourself, with a friend, as a couple and/or family. Put aside your worries and life's challenges and join us in play!

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With all my heart, I hope this is the year you join me in Hawaii. As I reflect on the huge transformations and emotional healings that have taken place during past retreats, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Looking forward to the upcoming retreats fills me with absolute joy as I anticipate the magic that is about to unfold when we come together in loving community.
With infinite love and gratitude,
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There is no greater gift than sharing your lifetime with a sacred other.
A Sacred Other Is ...


Determined to save their marriage, a husband and wife seek help from a counselor. When the counselor asks the couple what they view as the main problems between them, the wife goes on and on about everything that’s gone wrong in their fifteen-year marriage.

Several minutes later, the counselor stands, walks over to the wife, extends his hand and helps her to her feet. After peering deep into her eyes, he embraces the woman and kisses her passionately.

Dazed, she becomes quiet.

The counselor turns to the husband and says, "That is what your wife needs at least three times a week. Can you make sure it happens?"

The husband thinks for a moment. "Well, I can get her here Mondays and Wednesdays, but I play golf on Fridays.”
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