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Has your life been filled with daily stress, turmoil, loss, grief or any number of other challenges?
Are you tired of struggling to just make it through the day so you can get up and do it all over again!
Perhaps, you're trying to convince yourself that 'SOMEDAY' you'll take time and do something special for yourself?

I invite you to consider TODAY as your Someday and give yourself, or someone you love, the ultimate gift of play, laughter, inspiration and relaxation as you renew yourself at your core.
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Join me in Hawaii as we playfully and respectfully commune with non-captive dolphins and interact with new friends from around the world at our ...

Body, Mind & Soul Renewal ALL-INCLUSIVE Retreat
March 22 - 29, 2020
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Soul Renewal Retreat 5


luxuriating in our hot tub at the ocean's edge as the setting sun paints the sky in glorious hues of orange,
red & gold.

Be sure to SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO and to LISTEN TO AN INTERVIEW filled with magical heartwarming stories.
Imagine...Relaxing on the lanai of our magnificent oceanfront guest home in Hawaii, overlooking the stunning aqua blue/green bay where the dolphins regularly come to frolic and play.
Imagine... beginning your day with an inspiring guided meditation to set the energy for the day, and end your day being serenaded to sleep by the lull of waves lapping against the shore.
Imagine...daily playful, respectful interactions with sea turtles and non-captive dolphins, who by their choice often interact with you.
Imagine... your delight as, from the lanai, you observe Humpback whales teaching their calves to breach - or also ...
Imagine...Sailing out into the deep blue in our private chartered boat, further observing Humpbacks and the option to swim off the boat.
Imagine... being enthralled by the beautiful music and breathtaking art of local musicians and artists. Further imagine the joy of fashioning your own creations under their skillful guidance.
Imagine... laughing and being inspired to invite your inner child to walk hand-in-hand with the adult you as you venture forward in a life you are meant to love.
Imagine... savoring mouthwatering organic meals, as you dine, laugh and exchange stories with new friends from around the world.
Imagine...exploring the volcano, its lava tubes and steam vents, flourishing rain-forests, and black sand beaches.
Imagine...returning home with blissful memories of your mystical communion and adventures with nature and a renewed sense of what it is to be fully alive and happy.

Accommodation at our guesthouse is available
before and after the retreat to extend your experience.
NON-SWIMMERS are welcome.

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from a number of years ago on The Jennifer Crews show Los Angeles,
“Get clear – gain clarity in your life”
Commune with Dolphins – Learn How and Where
This interview discusses the flow and fluidity of our connection with the dolphins and how their sonar alters your state into that of BLISS.
In the interview I share several magical stories of interactions with dolphins, whales, manta rays and connecting to one’s inner joy.
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To View a video I filmed of a Sweet day spent with Dolphins as I was 'buzzed’ into an altered state with clicking sounds.
According to research, the Dolphins sonar and clicking sounds affect our DNA and elevate our human brain wave patterns of consciousness. Many people who interact with Dolphins in the water experience a shift in brain wave patterns from beta to a more relaxed theta state of consciousness.

When I watched the footage I noticed that at the 1:14 min mark, it was especially pronounced while the dolphins swam directly below me loudly clicking - Be sure to turn up your volume!

Immediately following and during this clicking sound, I noticed my camera was focused on the ocean floor for a few seconds. At first I thought I may have forgotten to turn off the camera, then I snapped out of it so to speak – and continued filming.



Body, Mind & Soul Renewal Retreat

March 22 - 29, 2020


  • 8 DAYS, 7 NIGHTS accommodation in our beautiful oceanfront home.
  • Nourishing and delicious organic meals daily.
  • Morning Meditations and playful activities.
  • Daily personal guided swims to respectfully interact with dolphins and sea turtles.
  • Private chartered boat excursion for whale watching.
  • Inspirational, motivating and healing seminars.
  • Local musicians, artisans,entertainment and story tellers.
  • Luau and Hula lesson - sharing of local history
  • Sacred site visits - including a visit to the Volcano!
  • Kayaks and soaking in our hot tub.
You can attend the retreat by yourself, with a friend, as a couple and/or family. Put aside your worries and life's challenges and join us in play!

What a previous participant had to say:

"With the combined magic of the island, the people, and the dolphins, I found a part of myself I didn’t even realize that I had lost. I found my joy. My heart opened and an extraordinary feeling of love came from deep within me. I will be forever grateful. The experience was bliss." ~ Melanie

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With all my heart, I hope this is the year you join me in Hawaii. As I reflect on the huge transformations and emotional healings that have taken place during past retreats, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Looking forward to the upcoming retreats fills me with absolute joy as I anticipate the magic that is about to unfold when we come together in loving community.
Hannelore lei greeting
When you join non-captive dolphins in a journey of love and mutual respect, you soon discover the transformational secrets so wonderfully revealed by these graceful beings.

Play heals your body.
Laughter heals your mind and heart.
Joy heals your soul.

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