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Celebrating my New Book, Personal Message & Counseling Services

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I hope this communication finds you and your family well and as happy as one can be during this unusual time. When I hear the phrase the “new normal,” what comes to mind is that there is nothing “normal” about what is happening. Although writing, being in nature, and looking forward to tending my garden this spring helps to keep my spirits elevated. I realize the past year has been incredibly challenging for many people. To cope, some of us coil inward when we would benefit from reaching outward. If this includes you, I’d like to extend an invitation for you to connect with me personally or professionally.

With infinite love and gratitude, Hannelore

Dolphins, Whales & Magical Tails

If you prefer to read your way to well-being, I am excited and pleased to announce that my first coffee-table book, Dolphins, Whales & Magical Tails is published. Based on twenty years of extensive research and personal experiences, this beautiful compilation of stories, intriguing facts and spectacular photos is certain to lift you emotionally and spiritually.

Suitable for young children through to mature adults, many of the authentic accounts of human-cetacean interactions are rejuvenating, educating, entertaining and inspiring.

This book is certain to reconnect you with your inner child and heighten your desire to interact with cetaceans in the wild in a respectful and loving way.

I am excited to hear from readers of all ages who are enjoying the book! To date the ages have been as young as 6 years old to 83 years young!

A friend gifted Dolphins, Whales & Magical Tails to her six-year-old nephew, Max.

I was deeply touched by the picture of him proudly holding my book and by what his mother and grandmother shared in the notes below.
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“Just a quick email to give a big thank you for the wonderful book you both sent to Max! He just learned about whales and dolphins the day before in school, so he was very excited when he opened the book. We have been reading it before bed the last couple nights and he has been loving it. Max says thank you so much!
~ Sending our love xoxo, Max, Mila, Kinga and Ian”

“Hello Hannelore! I’m Max’s Nana! Thank you for creating such wonderful stories. I know Max loves his book!! I look forward to seeing what you create in the future!!
~ You now have a new fan!! Charlane”

Thank you to my dear friend and visionary artist Francene Hart for creating the playful image for the cover.


Are personal, employment or global circumstances causing you to feel overwhelm, lack of control, fear and/or depression?
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At one time or another, we all face uncertainty, challenges and/or emotional turmoil. Equally true is that reaching out takes courage. If you feel you would benefit from an intuitive counseling session, I would be honored to help you return to place of optimism, balance and harmony.
For more information:
Please click the following link or visit the “Services” tab on my website ~ CLICK HERE

If you feel you need immediate emotional support, please call 911
or Email me at Hannelore@Hannelore.ca

A gentle reminder ~ My other published book is also available.

A Journey of Awakening

Designed to awaken one from a world of illusion, YOUR SOUL’S WHISPERS: A Journey of Awakening is a powerful guidebook brimming with insightful, inspiring true stories, messages, and daily practices.

Reading this book will help you to let go of and transform any fears relating to abandonment, self-worth and trust.

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You will also be presented with the opportunity to activate and unleash the “force” that is within. As this awareness is practiced and becomes part of your daily life, personally and professionally, it will magnify your infinite potential.

My books are available on Amazon. When searching for Dolphins, Whales Magical Tails, please note that the spelling of the last word is tails, not tales.

Please e-mail me if you would prefer to have a personalized autographed copy.

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