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We often put ourselves last and state 'Someday'...
but years pass by and someday never comes.You are worthy today!

The moment you acknowledge and embrace your worthiness,
the Universe celebrates and showers you with infinite JOY and ABUNDANCE.

Take a leap of faith and treat yourself to one of the last two spaces
for the March 22-29 Communing With Dolphins Retreat.
What a previous participant shared about her experience at our last retreat:

“It was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life! It changed the way I see life and I would definitely do it again and again! The connection with you, our group and the dolphin pod will be forever in my soul. Love, joy and happiness were the greatest gifts and these are the gifts I brought back home to Greece with me. “ ~ Myrsini Chronopoulou

Join us on the Big Island of Hawaii as we playfully and respectfully commune with non-captive dolphins and interact with new human friends from around the world.
Retreat 6
I am always excited at the prospect of someone new experiencing the retreat. I promise you will experience magic, miracles and
pure BLISS!

We live in a hectic world with precious little time to nourish our body and soul. Your soul may be urging you to take a leap of faith and treat yourself.

Together as a group -
we form our own POD …
'Partners of Destiny'.

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Body & Soul Renewal ALL-INCLUSIVE Retreat

March 22 - 29, 2020
$500 GIFT OFFER still applies!

CLICK HERE to see fees and what your retreat includes.

Having facilitated these retreats for the past 18 years, I’ve personally been blessed, as have so many others, to receive emotional and physical healing by these ancient, remarkable and intelligent beings.

You will fall in love with the playful spirit and profound gracefulness of the dolphins.
retreat asst activities

Playfulness and music abound ...

The Aloha Spirit is alive, as we are joined by local speakers and musicians to share the beauty and warmth of the islands through storytelling and the history of local music as it evolved through the decades.

Our early mornings are dedicated to swims and communing with dolphins. The rest of our days are filled with many exciting, playful and nourishing activities.

Non-swimmers also welcome. You can choose to watch from the shore or use one of our kayaks and/or if you feel brave we will have a life jacket for you and a personal swim assistant to guide you.

Our private boat cruise will give you an opportunity to experience dolphins leaping in the wake of the boat and we often get to see Humpback whales breaching and teaching their young.

Organic Culinary Delights!

Scrumptious, amazing, exceptional, flavorful, exquisite, tantalizing and orgasmic are some of the words participants use to describe the meals lovingly created by our private chef, Lisa and her assistants.

Impeccable detail, respect and love are added to every healthy balanced dish especially catered to your dietary needs.
retreat food


To enjoy this 3 1/2 minute VIDEO taken at previous retreats.
According to research, the Dolphins sonar and clicking sounds affect our DNA and elevate our human brain wave patterns of consciousness. Many people who interact with Dolphins in the water experience a shift in brain wave patterns from beta to a more relaxed theta state of consciousness resulting in a phenomena of pure BLISS.
Accommodation at our oceanfront retreat house is available
before and after the retreat to extend your experience.

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With all my heart, I hope this is the year you join me in Hawaii. As I reflect on the huge transformations and emotional healings that have taken place during past retreats, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Looking forward to the upcoming retreats fills me with absolute joy as I anticipate the magic that is about to unfold when we come together in loving community.
Hannelore lei greeting
When you join non-captive dolphins in a journey of love and mutual respect, you soon discover the transformational secrets so wonderfully revealed by these graceful beings.

Play heals your body.

Laughter heals your mind and heart.

Joy heals your soul.

REGISTER NOW - $500 gift offer still applies!


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