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Hannelore – Windows to the Soul
Burnaby, BC, Canada, V5A 1K1

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Overview of Counseling Techniques

Brief overview of techniques Hannelore offers:

Intuitive Counseling

As an intuitive counselor I gently guide my clients to reconnect with, cultivate and relearn to trust their intuitive knowing.  I have the innate ability to intuitively discern where negative thoughts and limiting beliefs are held.  These can be issues of self-esteem, anxiety, trauma, depression, decision making, relationships, loss of a loved one, or the need for help in personal development.

I am intuitively guided to use one of the many techniques I have studied, be it traditional counseling procedures, psychosomatic therapy, time line therapy, past life regressions, breath and eye methods, inner child therapy and/or one of many other techniques.

Intuitive Readings

Each session is different and unique to the individual.  I open myself as a channel to connect with my spirit guides as well as my client’s guides.  I intuitively ‘tune in’ to your energy field to allow information and insights to come through.  I sense where and what energies are blocking you from moving forward in life and gently release those blocks.

The readings are not about seeing into the future and making future predictions; instead I see what energy you vibrate in the moment that then indicates what future possibility lights up. Ultimately the sessions are to empower you, bring clarity and to help you access your own inner knowing and power.

Healing the Child Within

The Beloved child within us is crying to be heard and we don’t even realize the importance of connecting with the precious being within us.  Within every one of us, there exists that little boy or girl.  This ‘inner child’ is often the one controlling your life!

They have been locked and hidden away in a dark place within our subconscious.  Often that child is emotionally wounded, grieving and feeling vulnerable and afraid.  Those wounds are held deep within our emotional bodies and surface in our present moment.  The adult self can rationalize the situation, but the wounded child is often the one reacting in fear, grief and confusion.  By acknowledging and connecting with our inner child, we can offer it healing by nurturing, loving, honouring and empowering him or her.

We can change our behaviour patterns and release emotions of fear, guilt, shame, anger and confusion that have been stored within our bodies and psyche.  The process is profoundly healing and transformative as we embrace the ‘Divine’ child within.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is the most ancient form of Hypnosis.
Shamanic practice is to tap into ones intuition and ask spirit for guidance and healing.  By connecting with nature and the archetypal influences of symbolic insights and connecting with animal totems for strength and guidance, this can be helpful in addressing challenges and resolving issues.

The healing is at a spiritual level and usually has profound positive effects helping you become more self-confident, alive, and physically healthy. It is a wonderful complementary practice for almost any spiritual belief system. It is also a powerful vehicle for personal transformation.


The term psychotherapy is derived from Ancient Greek psyche, meaning breath, spirit, soul.  Literally, it means a ‘Cure for the Soul’.
The sessions are an interactive process using various techniques and approaches to help you deal with and resolve issues that are preventing you from living life fully; to be in conscious control of your life and circumstances rather than having them control you.

Time Line Therapy

In this process and in a safe space, I guide you to a relaxed state of being and walk you back through time for you to review key moments in your life where you may have experienced a trauma or situations that keep you less than fulfilled.  Together we find the solutions and skills you need to bring healing and emotional balance to free you from the past.

We can then go ahead in time to set in motion the energy by visualizing and setting clear exciting goals in your future to create the life you desire.  Ultimately our goal is to visualize what is to occur in a positive loving way for the highest good of all.  This creates a positive shift in your consciousness and begins to work immediately.

Soul Retrieval/Split Aparts

When we experience trauma in our lives, such as when a loved one dies, after an accident, rape or incest, abusive relationships at various ages, a part of us splits off so that ‘we’ can go on in our lives. Our human physical body/psyche can only handle so much.  In order to survive and move forward, this part that splits off is then buried deep within our subconscious.  These ‘split’ parts of ourselves are still ‘stuck’ in the past. They are buried deep within us. They make themselves known when we are once again in fear and/or trauma.

Our current Self can rationalize but is controlled through the emotions of our lost Self.

We may feel locked into destructive patterns but feel weak and powerless to move away.
During a Soul Retrieval we can reach out to that Split Apart.  Safely and lovingly communicate with it and let it know that you, the present self, survived and together we can clear and bring the experience into balance.  It is immediate, simple and effective.

Grief Counseling

“Trust in the Hereafter … The Infinite Invisible.”

Watching a loved one suffer through illness, and/or losing a loved one through death may be the most difficult and painful experience we will every endure.  One cannot put a time frame on the grieving process. Each of us moves through it at our own pace.  No matter how strong one’s faith may be, losing a loved one hurts one’s heart deeply and we sometimes wonder if we can ever be whole again.

It is natural to question, ‘Why?’ as the waves of grief wash over you.
Having experienced the death of precious loved ones, I can be a mirror for your pain offering you the opportunity to heal.  I can help you understand there is an underlying presence of love and divine perfection in this universe and within all living things. Our goal is to help you move through your grief gently.

The Elixir of Immortality

Using the Elixir of Immortality Technique allows us, through gentle regression, to remember past lives.  Utilizing the resources and understanding from these past lives can prevent you from repeating these life lessons over and over again.

Wouldn’t it be great to create a culture of remembering so that we are born into ‘remembering’?  Where we contact creativity with past lives; to visit a past self and retrieve aspects of those selves that were successful in other life times and bring them forward to integrate them into a remembering in this life.

Past Life Regression – Do past lives affect this life?

Spiritual master Yogananda says ~
“Reincarnation is the progress of a soul through many lives on the earth plane, as through so many grades in a school, before it ‘graduates’ to the immortal perfection of oneness with God.”

Often, we experience emotional pain, confusion, chronic fear or phobias when there are no rational explanations.  This could be a fear of water or of heights or it could be a chronic pain that defies the medical system.
If you allow for the possibility that we have experienced many other lives before this one, then too allow for the possibility that we carry over emotional wounds and trauma from past lives. The memories of these previous traumas are held within our DNA.  It is my understanding that at the moment of death, whatever emotional trauma in a past life has not been cleared, and depending on how extreme that emotional wound was, be it unresolved fear, terror,  anger or grief, this comes forward in our DNA on a cellular level and becomes part of who we are in this lifetime.

Past lives most important lessons come at the moment of death.  When Yoda of star Wars was dying – just before his death said “This is the way of the Force”

With a past life regression, we can discover the original source and go back in time to connect with that aspect of who we were, communicate with it, allow it to see the greater picture of what occurred in that life, allow it to adopt a new and healed perspective to receive healing.  This then shifts the frequency of the memory and is embedded in our DNA into the present moment allowing for the healing to occur.

We all desire Peace, Love and Joy. Yet keeping us from this are issues/blocks within us that we need to clear. Many of these we are not even aware of, or we do not know how to release, so that we can be clear.

We are offered opportunities and challenges throughout our lives. They are not always pleasant, but they offer us an opening to grow and evolve.  In order to be effective and realize Peace, Love and Joy in our outer world, we need to clear these blocks and embrace and realize Peace, Love and Joy in our innerworld.

How may I be in service to you?


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