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Hannelore – Windows to the Soul
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Welcome to my Blog!
Check out the Blog/Articles categories by clicking on the pictures.

There are 6 categories, scroll to the bottom of this page for more details.

Your Soul`s Whispers

Inspiring Articles

Communing with Nature

Essential Practices

Beyond the Veil

Inspirational Quotes

A brief overview of what you may find in each category …


1. “Your Soul’s Whispers”

Contains quotes and excerpts from my long awaited book(s) “Your Soul’s Whispers … A Journey of Awakening” … now a trilogy.  (currently in the process of publishing and anticipated to launch this summer 2019)

2. “Inspiring Articles”

Articles, poems and humor to inspire and offer insights.

3. “Communing with Nature”

Contains many of my Dolphin, Whale and other Animal and Nature experiences.
Within these pages will be inspiring, heart warming stories from both the “Communing with Dolphins” and the “Vision Quest Retreats”.
(Most of these are included in “Dolphins, Whales & Magical Tales” … a precious book set aside due to life’s circumstances and anticipated to launch in 2020)

4. “Essential Practices”

Practices and techniques I share in my programs and to offer you tools to use in your life.

5. “Beyond the Veil”

Excerpts from my book “The Other Side of the Window … Communing s from Beyond the Veil” that was birthed after my parents and many dear friends and family passed over a very short period of time. (intended to help one through the painful grieving process and includes actual experiences offering hope there is an existence beyond death. This book too was set aside and anticipated to launch in 2020)

6. “Inspirational Quotes”

A selection of many of my favorite quotes (with a few of my own). May they inspire you as they continue to inspire me.


With Infinite Love and Gratitude,

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