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Hannelore – Windows to the Soul
Burnaby, BC, Canada, V5A 1K1

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Books ~ Overview

Your Soul’s Whispers
… A  Trilogy

Launch dates:

Book One ~ A Journey of Awakening
(published June, 2019)

Book Two ~ Journey of Self-Transformation
(written, publishing date tba)

Book Three ~  Journey of  Essential Practices
(written, publishing date tba)


Your soul is encouraging you to realize the magnificent brilliance within you. It’s whispers are a powerful guide for you to realize your inner and outer world.

Your Soul whispers your awakening from this world of illusion and urges you to recognize the truth of who you really are. Upon your awakening you will know your purpose and never turn back.

Filled with a comprehensive potpourri of spirituality, you will receive inspirational and empowering daily practices and practical tools and techniques, many of which Hannelore teaches in her Seminars and Workshops. These will support and guide you through the challenges in your life and on your ‘Journey of Awakening.’

She delights in offering you the insights and wisdom to listen to and distinguish the ‘Whispers of Your Soul.’

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Prosperity & Miracles – Two Books in One:
Miracle Consciousness and
Eight Laws of Purposeful Prosperity.

Published November, 2022.

Prosperity & Miracles is an empowering guide brimming with facts, insights, inspiring quotes, spiritual awakening practices, and authentic stories.

Through exploring these proven and essential laws together with the levels of consciousness, principles of metaphysical science, and the power of your thoughts and beliefs … you will discover how to release what no longer serves you so that you attract your heartfelt aspirations.

This is the only book you’ll ever need to Manifest Your Desires.


Inch by Inch … Growing in Life

Co-Authored and published internationally

An anthology centered on children, the challenges they face and how to overcome them.

 When a child faces challenges, the whole family is affected and involved.  We all want the best possible outcome for our children, that they are happy and achieve their dreams.  As you explore each chapter in this powerful anthology, you will find support and insights for you and for your family. Be it a story of a child who was born with a disability, a child who was bullied, or experiencing a medial trauma. Each of these stories is powerful and will inspire you to keep growing in your own life.  This child may have been you!

My story: ‘Snakes shoved down my blouse and swastikas carved on my desk’

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Dolphins, Whales & Magical Tails

Published December 2020

Based on twenty years of extensive research and personal experiences, Hannelore’s published coffee-table book, Dolphins, Whales & Magical Tails, is a beautiful compilation of stories, intriguing facts and spectacular photos.

Suitable for young and mature adults, many of the authentic accounts of human-cetacean interaction are regenerative and rejuvenating.

Educating, entertaining and inspiring, this book is certain to reconnect you with your inner child and heighten your desire to interact with marine mammals in the wild in a respectful and loving way.



The beautiful image for the cover was created by my dear friend and Visionary Artist, Francene Hart.

Click Here… For stories in Hannelore’s Blog under “Communing with Nature”

The following book is written in the style of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Once you read their descriptions and, IF YOU ARE INSPIRED TO SHARE YOUR STORY … please contact me and I will give you more information.

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The Other Side of the Window
…Communing Beyond the Veil

Currently adding more stories – release date tba.

How do you really know there is some kind of existence after death?

You might sense it intuitively. It may be a whisper, or it may come through profound synchronicities and signs that that there is something more than just this physical body.

Hannelore shares how you can raise your awareness to recognize the signs and synchronicities your loved ones may be communicating.

She will share remarkable experiences that invite the listener to consider the possibility there may be something beyond death. The stories are all true and profound.

The following are just a few examples of stories that will amaze and inspire you:

  • ‘Remember the bird’ – a message received as ‘proof’ from the other side.
  • Speaking of a departed loved who then shows up in a photograph within an ‘Orb’ – and what an ‘orb’ actually is.
  • ‘Intuition in Action … it can save the one you love’


Click Here… For a selection of stories in the “Beyond the Veil” Blog

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