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Your Soul’s Whispers

“Your Soul’s Whispers”
A Trilogy

Book one … A Journey of Awakening
Published June 21, 2019


Your soul is encouraging you to realize the
Magnificent Brilliance Within You!

Your Soul’s Whispers,
is a powerful guide for you to realize your inner and outer world. All that you seek; the peace, love and answers you are looking for are within you, always were and always will be.

Your Soul whispers your awakening from this world of illusion and urges you to recognize the truth of who you really are. Upon your awakening you will know your purpose and never turn back.

Your Soul is your light; it is the essence of pure love and infinite wisdom. It is the bridge connecting your Spirit and speaks through your higher self to your physical self through the voice of your intuition.

In other words, your voice of intuition is the gentle voice of your Soul lovingly urging you to live more fully and be all that you can be. As you learn to trust this voice and distinguish it from the false voices of fear, doubt and indecision, you will awaken to the infinite potential within you yet to be expressed.

Woven throughout the pages of this trilogy, I share my personal experiences and challenges, inner whispers, profound synchronicities and thought provoking precious stories. May you be inspired to reflect on your life through the numerous parables, anecdotes and inspirational quotes.

Filled with a comprehensive potpourri of spirituality, you will receive inspirational and empowering daily practices and practical tools and techniques, many of which I teach in my Seminars and Workshops. These will support and guide you through the challenges in your life and on your ‘Journey of Awakening’.


Book two: A Journey of Self-Transformation ~ (Writing completed) Launch date TBA
Book three: A Journey of Essential Processes ~ Launch date TBA


The following is an excerpt from part one of the trilogy, A Journey of Awakening, that discusses my process of writing and the tremendous learning I received.

One of my greatest lessons has been to surrender and not to give up!  There has always been a knowing there is something inside me that desired to be expressed; despite the many challenges, obstacles, blocks and fears. I have learned to listen to the ‘Whispers, the inner voice, albeit I’ve had lengthy arguments with the ‘whisperings’ and challenged what it had to share.

In hindsight, I smile as I recognize, in my surrendering, its guidance led me to my journey of awakening.  As I awakened to each moment, I recognized I always have choice; to allow fear to get in my way or to express love.

Do you feel there is something in your life that you are still meant to achieve or create that you haven’t done yet?  Has fear held you back? Are you willing to risk bringing it forth?

There is a tremendous amount of potential, creativity, love and pure genius within you yet to be expressed.  Allow yourself the freedom to soar as you embrace your gifts in your life and the world.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within, what you do not bring forth will destroy you”.
~ The Gospel of Thomas

It is not too late! As long as you still have breath, you can bring forth and give life to what is within you. This in turn fulfills your life. It is when you bury the potential within; you bury your joy and diminish your light.

If you are still unclear of what this ‘thing’ may be, simply be open to receive as it may come through as a whisper of inspiration and/or you may have felt glimpses of it in your heart.


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