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More Retreat Videos

More Videos taken at our Dolphin Retreats

‘In the Zone’

Our boat day at the ‘Couples Only’ Retreat –
A great day and fun with Katherine, Paul and Dolphin Dave on the Djembe Drums.

Graceful turtle and ‘Yellow Tang’

Beautiful watching the graceful movements of the turtle and seeing a school of ‘Yellow Tang’
at one time there were so many yellow tang that the coast was referred to as the ‘Gold Coast’

Lots of Fish!

Just a few yards off shore – magical display of a huge variety of fish.

David and Dolphins playfully interacting

Dolphins love playing and interacting with David who equally enjoys the fun.

Dolphins love playing ‘Leaf Tag’

Filmed at the ‘Couples only’ retreat … Notice how these dolphins will drop the leaf for another to pick up.

 Chatty pod of Dolphins

A very chatty pod of dolphins filmed at the ‘Couples Only’ retreat

Playful underwater sequence
Vocal Dolphins

A great day swimming with delightful active Dolphins filmed at our ‘Couples only’ Retreat.
Notice that at about 33 seconds into video and to the end … they swim directly under me as they become very vocal.

Dolphins playing the leaf game

About half way thru this video, notice how the dolphins keep coming closer to me while I was filming, trying to entice me to pick up and play leaf tag with them.

Greeted with Bubbles
Magical Underwater Moments
Whales right below us!

Not great visibility, but exciting non the less as we discovered there were 5 whales directly below us!

Giant Ball of Fish!

One wouldn’t think a school of fish would be intimidating. Yet when in the water it looks like one giant monster of a being!

David blowing Bubble rings underwater

It’s always fun to watch David create these bubble rings!

Mahina and her girls sharing Aloha

Always one of my favorite afternoons as Mahina (Kumu Hula teacher) brings her lovely dancers to share story and share the Aloha spirit.


Listen to the Whale Song as we swim in the deep blue with a small school of fish.


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