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Hannelore – Windows to the Soul
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Your Host & Co-Facilitators

Your Host & Co-Facilitators

Experience the Magic with your Host, Hannelore
Hannelore shares how the ‘Communing with Dolphins’ retreats began …


“Aloha and welcome!

I had my first experience swimming with Non-Captive Dolphins in 1999. It was the most powerful turning point in my life. Never before had I experienced such an elevated state of Joy and BLISS.

I knew something very extraordinary and remarkable occurred. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a powerful connection with and respect for nature. Yet nothing prepared me for the profound experience of a deeply moving eye to eye communication with a solitary Dolphin.

We swam together in total harmony on a surreal journey of pure love and mutual respect both deeply moving and ecstatically playful at the same time.

Pure BLISS is what I felt with my first and subsequent experiences swimming with my Dolphin friends! In that first magical moment, the seed was planted to create the ‘Communing with Dolphins’ retreat.

After several years of research and continued interactions with the dolphins, I knew I wanted these retreats to be unforgettable experiences for all. I established heartwarming relations with local speakers, entertainers, guides and excellent caterers. While exploring the island I discovered fascinating sacred sites, scenic beaches and volcanoes to add variety, education and excitement. And I synchronistically found the perfect venue to facilitate our retreats … right at the edge of the very bay the Dolphins and Whales come to rest, play and birth their young.

Our first retreat was held in 2003. The following year we added a second retreat and then offered a third option, the ‘Couples only’ retreat. You can read in the testimonials the many expressions of blissful joy and huge transformations experienced by the participants.  A confirmation for me was welcoming some back two, three and as many as eight times to experience the magic!

I invite you and your inner child to discover this magic and bliss for yourself! Come join us to experience exhilarating playful connections with our Dolphin and Human pods at our retreats in Hawaii.”

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Co-Facilitator, Visionary Artist & Musician,
‘Dolphin Dave’ Jimenez

Dolphin Dave resides in and lives his passion on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. He joined us the first year our retreats began … we are blessed that he has been with us ever since!

His art embraces his dedication to the interconnectedness and evolution of Humanity, Dolphins and Whales. His playful nature is revealed as he motivates us with group ‘spirit’ paintings and entertains us with his drums, flute and Didgeridoo.

David has the innate ability to share awe-inspiring stories. He connects us with our playful inner child inspiring love, laughter and creating joyful memories.



Co-Facilitator, Dianna Joy

Dianna has been attending and assisting at the Communing with Dolphin retreats since 2006. She always brings her infectious joy and deep love and respect for the dolphins and whales. Her experience as swim instructor and certified scuba diver is seen in her confidence as a swim assistant.

Her organizational skills, flexibility and mindful awareness of everyday needs with fellow participants and the household have been invaluable. Her services of Healing Touch, Reiki and Psych-K have always been well received at our retreats.

Dianna is a professional speaker, published author, musician and holistic health practitioner.
Her friends affectionately call her “Dianna Joy” for a reason.




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… And to read more about Hannelore’s research on the “Human-Dolphin Connections” Part one and Part two. (Located in the ‘Communing with Nature’ section)




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