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“One of the most elusive aspects of life is the one that should be understood clearly by every living soul. I am talking about—Love.  Experiencing Hannelore’s wonderful teachings has led me to the most profound, life changing truth…

Love is first—a state of being, and secondly, an outward action.

When we understand this truth (to the depths of our soul) it is like we have won every battle there is to win.  A transformation takes place and our lives are never the same again.  Because of Hannelore’s teaching and retreats, I live each moment knowing True Love nourishes, heals and simplifies our lives, and unites us with the part of ourselves that society has become disenfranchised from.  If you have ever felt as though something is missing in life, there is a reason.
Hannelore is one of the precious few who genuinely helps people find the paths that lead home.”

Chuck Patterson, Author

Workshop Testimonials

Hannelore’s courses are always extraordinary; lessons starting long before the classes begin and continuing after the classes end.  This is the third course I have registered for and participated with Hannelore and I now know from experience that I can guarantee you will experience physical, mental, and spiritual growth.  Now that I have been taught the principles of mirrors it seems my eyes and heart are wide open to identifying them in my life which helps to heal and move forward.   Thank you so much for the wonderful gift. ~ Susan Buchik, Published author and Communication Consultant

“One of the most elusive aspects of life is the one that should be understood clearly by every living soul. I am talking about—Love.  Experiencing Hannelore’s wonderful teachings has led me to the most profound, life changing truth… Love is first—a state of being, and secondly, an outward action.
When we understand this truth (to the depths of our soul) it is like we have won every battle there is to win.  A transformation takes place and our lives are never the same again.  Because of Hannelore’s teaching and retreats, I live each moment knowing True Love nourishes, heals and simplifies our lives, and unites us with the part of ourselves that society has become disenfranchised from.  If you have ever felt as though something is missing in life, there is a reason. Hannelore is one of the precious few who genuinely helps people find the paths that lead home.”  ~ Chuck Patterson, author

“I have participated in the Power of intuition certification courses and mirrors of relationships. Hannelore is what I consider a ball of light! I’ve never a met another soul in my lifetime that shines so brightly. Her kindness makes everyone feel loved and important. It is that love and feeling of importance that allows you as a student to truly learn and absorb every word that Hannelore has to say. Knowing Hannelore has enriched my life in such a way that there seems like no way to truly repay her. If you ever feel lost in your life, then I strongly recommend getting to know Hannelore and the wondrous powers of her light!” ~ Caillie J Kania

“The Power of Intuition Certification program was amazing. Hannelore helped me to connect to my spirituality in a safe and gentle manner. Hannelore is so loving, kind and patient. She helped me open up deeply to clear many issues. Hannelore has so much wisdom to share and I am so grateful I met her and took this course. It helped me open up to a part of myself that I had forgotten. Hannelore touched on many modalities in this course and gave us many tools to help ourselves when we are stuck in our stories. I will always cherish the teaching I have learned and the many friends I met along the way!” ~ Love Lynnette

“I have just finished taking the Mastery course in the Power of Intuition series. Within the last year, I have taken all three modules of the Power of Intuition and I highly recommend taking these courses to anyone who is looking to develop their power of intuition. With this skill, I have learned to make better life choices. Hannelore is a great teacher, because she has gone through a lot of the same heartaches as most other people, so she related well to what I was feeling. She was very compassionate when she was helping me deal with the fear and grief that I had experienced in my life. She has taught me how to release all my fears and grief as I no longer need them. Thus, I am a much happier person and I am now really enjoying my life. Also, in the last year I have taken the Mirrors of Relationships course and I have been on the Vision-Crafting Wilderness Retreat. Both of which, I highly recommend also.” ~ Rick Codd

“I am so grateful, Hannelore, for the profound and life changing work you bring to your students and the world. Through the series of your Power of Intuition workshops, I was guided to discover deep and profound aspects of my self, aspects which I could never have imagined to exist. Yet you took me there and allowed me to see and experience the truth of who I AM and for that I will be forever grateful. Your kindness, gentleness and deeply loving energy is what sets you apart. Thank you so much for being my wonderful teacher.” ~ Mona Campbell

“Hannelore is a gift from God to assist us on our journey and help us to remember who we truly are and have just “forgotten”! She offers insight and “guidance” through her retreats, workshops and one-on-one sessions to help release the next “layer” when the time is right to do so. She has found her calling and I am so grateful to have “charted” her into my journey!” ~ Sheri Ekholm

“I believe God sends the teacher when one is ready. Hannelore is that teacher! She is an earth angel that shines her light on all those who are blessed by her presence. Her gentle and loving techniques will help you to open the window to your soul. I feel humbled and honored at the same time to have had the opportunity to be on this life changing journey with Hannelore. It has been an honor to partake in the advanced course, the master’s course and the wilderness retreat. I have had the incredible opportunity to assist Hannelore in many of her courses, allowing me to go deeper within my being to discover the real me. I now am walking my prayer and doing the work I believe God/Our Creator intended me to do on this planet. I have found balance and joy in my life as I serve others, and for that I thank Hannelore with all my heart and soul. I am that I am because of you. Namaste.” ~ Carmen Lacey

“The Power of Intuition is an experience beyond words. It is the most powerful, precious and sacred adventure I have journeyed to the discovery of true self. Through group and partner exercises, I was able to explore my own true identity and to discover with delight the power of “all knowing” that resides in each one of us. With the tools that Hannelore shares, the vision of one’s dreams are manifested into reality. One only has to CHOOSE to BELIEVE and then FEEL it to be reality!” ~ Jan Butts

“Best course I have ever taken – both in content and approach. I felt safe at all times and was able to grow in that safety and gentleness. Hannelore is a superb and interesting teacher and facilitator of wellness and healing, especially when issues become intense or if there is a lot of resistance – always respectful but inviting. A great role model and a very precious gift to our planet.” ~ Beryl Stephen

“I took this program primarily to learn how to develop and harness my intuition and psychic abilities. Not only did this occur, in addition to my surprise, I unexpectedly discovered my true divine identity. This program has helped me advance further in my spiritual journey. Thank you Hannelore and all my loving sisters and brothers at the class. I will always remember your love and blessings.” ~ Essie

“Hannelore is a wonderful teacher, who shares esoteric wisdom from many cultures in practical and easy ways. Through this wonderful exposure and with the many exercises, I was able to exceed my expectations, to push my envelope, to really value the power of intuition.” ~ Laila M.

“I am a new and different man today because of this class, the people in the class and, Hannelore. I’ve discovered my purpose, my direction. My life has changed positively on so many levels, I’ve even lost 25 pounds! I’ve transformed my life and this class was the catalyst.” ~ Daniel

“I am finding it hard to write in words what this course has brought me. How do you explain who you were you no longer are. I feel I have gone so completely into the light, into my highest power. The process of getting there cannot be put in words because words cannot project the truth of what has been borne in me. All I can tell you is I am a living, loving being of light.” ~ Cindy Demone

“Such a gentle approach to learning to get in touch with my inner voice and love and truest energy part of myself. Lots of sharing in a safe environment.” ~ Jeannine Viezko

“Enjoyed it totally, highly recommend it. The best Christmas present I could have possibly given myself. The window is now opened.” ~ Robin Pedersen

“Hannelore has been a great inspirational teacher, mentor and friend. She has opened my eyes to new possibilities I never thought I would be capable of before. Hannelore has taught me true empowerment in all aspects of my life, to let go of self doubt and trust my intuition.” ~ Markus

“This course has helped me to connect with my inner power in ways that I couldn’t have dreamed of! It has really shown me where and how I block myself, and the traps that I put up for myself by judging myself. In a safe, wonderful, loving environment, I released things that no longer serve me and filled these spaces with love. An unforgettable journey that I would never have wanted to miss. I feel free, and I will be forever thankful to my wonderful teacher Hannelore, who has helped me open doors to never ending opportunities!” ~ Susan Verhoogt

Susan wrote this for Hannelore:

What a blessing to the world
You are, beautiful earth angel!
You have a way of touching, reaching out
And guiding people.
In such a gentle, loving, wonderful way
It feels so safe to open myself up
And let you guide me, and teach me
And by being an example
You show me who I truly am
Words will never be able to express
What all your wonderful teachings and guidance
Have done for me!
But I wanted to let you know anyway
By writing this to you.
Thank you, thank you, vielen dank, dank je wel!
Hugs, love and forever thanks,


“This program offered a tremendous amount of great information. There was lots of support with willingness to allow growth of Self and special attention as needed.” ~ Murray

“I got much more than the program even describes – Amazing techniques! The ‘process’ of this workshop series really enhanced my own process to my self worth and clarity on my soul’s work and my spiritual growth. I’d recommend it to anyone open and ready.” ~ Pearl Kam

“I continue to be amazed at the powerful insights and information I use on a daily basis after completing Hannelore’s Power of Intuition. The ability to listen more effectively to my intuition and to trust that information have made a huge impact in my life, both personally and professionally. These are skills and tools that are not only life-changing but life-lasting. This course was far more than I thought it would be and for anyone interested in developing more authenticity, joy and purpose – it truly is a must.” ~ Cheryl Brewster

“I attended hoping to gain some insight to myself. At the completion of this course I had gained more than I knew I was or could be capable of. To any person male or female, but especially male, this course is the greatest gift you can give not only yourself, but for the world as a whole. For as we change so does the world.” ~ Ronald Stocks

“Each of us is on a journey Home. We do our best to move forward through life completing the experiences that allow us to feel whole, integrating body, mind, spirit. This course is a stone on the path if you choose. I chose. I changed. I am one step closer to my destination. Thank you Hannelore. I honor you as you have honored me.” ~ Paul Larmer

“I have gained so much insight into myself and the way the Universe works in this class. I have become so aware of energies and the laws of attraction and see the results of letting go of the struggles within myself. None of us are ever alone!” ~ Christina Sarantis

“I found the entire experience profound and very beneficial in my personal growth and understanding of self. I can now see auras!” ~ Margaret Zag

“I enjoyed absolutely everything and found all the information very interesting and useful. This program has helped me to more accept and love myself and who I am.” ~ Erica Segovic

“I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to get in touch with their truth! You also meet and get to know an amazing group of people.” ~ Katie Vogt

“I loved what we learned. I now live and speak about spiritual life, love and joy daily. This program has allowed me to explore, strengthen and change the way I live, love, express myself and to heal my deepest hurts. I truly am capable of co-creating my life with Divine sources. Can’t get more empowered than that! I am truly grateful.” ~ Lorrin Munn

“I feel that this course and the love I received from Hannelore has truly helped me along my journey of self-acceptance and self-empowerment. Thank you sincerely.” ~ Abigail Amies

“This class would be an asset to anyone. It empowers you to be you; to trust in yourself, to love yourself. A safe and gentle place to work with others, helping everyone (including oneself) to move forward to a better place. Into the light.” ~ Deborah Cecile

“I found the class to be very beneficial to me and my growth as a teacher and a practitioner of alternative therapies and to me on a very personal level. I learned many new exercises and techniques to help myself and others help themselves. Thank you.” ~ Janine Champagne

“This is a wonderful class that I wished had never ended. There is so much for everyone. More fun than hockey…almost!” ~ Jim Sarantis

“This class really helped me to come into my own confidence and power. I learned to believe in and recognize my own great gifts and that really empowered me and resulted in much greater manifestation of my abilities.” ~ Fern Lindquist

“I feel more confident with the information I receive. I speak it out instead of being afraid of being wrong. I am more grounded, centered and spend more time in joy. This program has been profound and magical.” ~ Christine McLellan

“I personally experienced an awesome shift. Something that I had been hoping for, for many years but until now did not have the tools or knowledge to make the shift I was looking for. I feel like a new person. I’m still the same person inside but I’ve let the person out that I kept bottled up inside of me. I am sharing myself with the universe.” ~ Tracy Knibbs

“I have been on my spiritual journey for several years, and although I have made progress, I always felt “stuck”. I felt as if I was so close to breaking through – to what I wasn’t sure. I began this class with an attitude of eagerness (but that was only on the surface.) Inside I was fearful of change and full of resistance. Hannelore does not give up on anyone and is total love and support. I found myself opening up to all the new experiences presented to me. I have not, since my childhood, felt so free and so me. I now have confidence in myself and my intuition. This class and the teachings Hannelore offered has been a blessing.” ~ Marla Simpson

“Taking the Power of Intuition gave me the insight of self worth from within. The dynamics of a group setting allows for the interaction to highlight challenges in each individual. The course material with the guidance of Hannelore completes the purpose.” ~ John Towes

“Before this course I was looking for something, but not sure what it was. I felt lost. Through the tools I acquired as well as Hannelore’s gentle, accurate guidance, I discovered Who I Am and what is true for me. I now clearly hear my intuitive messages and recognize my life purpose. I feel like I’ve come home. Profoundly life-changing! Thank you.” ~ Linda Kiernan

Communing With Dolphins Testimonials

“With the combined magic of the island, the people, and the dolphins; I found a part of myself I didn’t even realize that I had lost. I found my joy. My heart opened and an extraordinary feeling of love came from deep within me. I will be forever grateful. The experience was bliss; it is my heaven on earth.
I enjoyed every aspect of the retreat – the sublime location, the cheery lodging, the savory meals, the entertaining and informative guest presenters, and – of course – the magnificent dolphins. Every detail was obviously given a great degree of thought. As a participant, I felt the love that went into the food, the events, and the environment we called home.
The dolphins and the whales astonished us, awed us, and blessed us with their presence. Their sense of community and love for each other is a powerful lesson we can take back and share with the rest of the world. My heart soars when I think of the collection of people that gathered together. These souls are now my friends and my family. I continue to support and am supported by this remarkable group. I was truly blessed by this experience. Thank you, Hannelore!” ~ Melanie Anderson

” I was blessed to be able to book the last space on the most incredible adventure of my life. Hannelore has fine tuned all the perfect aspects of a relaxing, informative, thought provoking, entertaining week that I have ever experienced. There was a perfect balance each day of doing inner growth work, playing with the dolphins and learning from them, enjoying fantastic meals, going out on excursions. There was always quiet time for meditation, spending time getting to know the other guests/friends or journaling. The location was perfect and luxuriously comfortable. The outings were always intriguing, informative and fun filled. Hannelore is a most loving, compassionate and gracious hostess and facilitator whose talents shine in all aspects of this week long retreat. We were all sad to see it end as we became good friends with everyone we shared this sacred space with. This experience was life changing for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone. If you wish to learn more I would gladly share my experiences with you. ~ Dianna Watson

“What can I say about my trip to Kona, Hawaii and my experience with at the Dolphin Retreat? In one word, Magical! From the breathtaking retreat setting, the incredible people, the delicious food, the fun we had on the boat ride, ‘Dolphin’ Dave’s infectious laugher, to Hannelore’s wonderful and caring guidance. Hannelore’s wish that we should all enjoy and connect with this special place kept the retreat alive. The excitement of watching for and then finally seeing the
Dolphins come into the bay to play each morning was unforgettable. Plus, being able to be in the water with the dolphins was an experience that was more than I could have imagined.
What was my most profound memory? Having this huge whale make an appearance and then waving its tail, in the middle of Hannelore sharing a Channeled message from the Great White whale. Was that an acknowledgment of our presence? My greatest gift of this retreat was the special friendships I made. Many of these special people will continue to be a very important part of my life. Thank you, Hannelore” ~ Love, Shirley

“What a wondrous experience! I went to the dolphin event with no expectations and a few fearful concerns only to watch all of that melt away to be replaced with such love and joy, I have a difficult time finding words. The support, both physical and spiritual, was gracious and readily forthcoming. I met with like minds while truly playing and laughing with both pods. I’m home now and filled with dolphin. “ Podliness is indeed Godliness”
I have started saving for my next trip with Hannelore and her incredible team. If you get a whisper from the Universe, follow it to this magic.” ~ Rachel from White Rock,BC

“I came with the expectation of the adventure of swimming with the wild dolphins; I left with the sweetness of joy of experiencing the mystical magic of surround sound dolphin dance of life. There are no words that can express the beauty and joy one experiences in the presence of the angels of the sea.
The magic of this retreat is that the experience will live on forever within your being. The mystery lies in the interconnected energies of the land, the sea and all creatures and how the energy and the experience nurtures ones mental, physical and spiritual well being.
Thank you Hannelore for sharing the gift of your dream of swimming with the wild and free.” ~ Jan Butts

“Hannelore, I have so much gratitude and joy when I remember Hawaii and your Dolphin Retreat. For the first time I truly fell in love and experienced forgiveness and it was with me. I experienced “Dolphin Energy”, I truly know what it is to love and live in each moment, to be open and trust and to let go and feel. On my last day I asked the Dolphins for a message if there was one and then let it go, later a Dolphin came to me and completed a full circle of spinning jumps around me, my message was that I was the center, the love-the joy-everything I have been searching for is within me. It was also a time of many new experiences and connecting with amazing people on a soul level who will stay in my heart always. I have healed and grown and opened-it has enriched my life.” ~ Mahalo. Shawna        I wrote the following when I returned:

I bloom…
Ever so delicately my petals unfold
ever so desperately my petals unfurl
to reveal my essence
my light
my love,
you breathe me in
I breathe you in
we are One.

“The changes that took place in my awareness were profound. My heart opened wide and my vibration rose to a much higher level. To find such a beautiful connection with the dolphins and the people truly awakened a part of me that I didn’t even know was asleep. My gratitude to the universe and Hannelore is overwhelming.” ~ Mahalo! Sommer

“The Communing with Dolphins Retreat was an incredible life changing experience. The Dolphins showed us how to let go and just play. They are beautiful loving, joyful beings. Hannelore has created a magical place on land. I felt welcomed into a community of people that reflected the magic realm of the Dolphins. It was like a fairytale. I took this magic back home and into my World.” ~ Carole Friessen

“I had the most incredible and profound personal experience on this retreat. It became an unexpected journey guiding me to a place of Self realization, clarification and enlightenment beyond a realm that one could only ever possibly imagine. My heart was filled with tremendous joy, peace and love….indeed an experience I will cherish for a life time.” ~ Leanne Houston

“I came with my daughter, and what a way to have a holiday and connect! I thought it might be too much for me as I am in my seventies, but all were very kind to me and I was able to take in everything. It was quite a privilege to be able to enjoy so many talented young people and the variety of entertainment was so enlightening. My highlights were snorkeling with my swimming angel ‘Dolphin Dave’, swimming and seeing Dolphins, turtles, colourful fish, beautiful coral and kayaking with my daughter. There is something for all ages to do. The food that Todd prepared was delicious and absolutely fantastic. Hannelore is a great facilitator and a very compassionate person.” ~ Thank you, Mina Werseen

“Thank-you for the opportunity to share in the Dolphin retreat. My life has been enlightened and enriched by all of the experiences. I have done things that I would never thought that I would do and I have seen magnificent scenes that I never thought that I would see. The people that I met will be in my thoughts forever as they have touched my soul. The tranquility and the spirituality of the retreat will remain one of my greatest high points in my life.” ~ With Love Emjai.

Vision Quest Testimonials

“The ‘Vision Quest’ Retreat with Hannelore was an Amazing life changing, Inspiring, Brilliant and Enlightening experience!  Hannelore guided me/us step by step to the creation of a CLEAR path to my/our dreams. A path that I could feel was there but could never find. Her ability to create a “family” from a group of 13 strangers was incredible. She brilliantly guided us all towards a solid plan for our individual futures. Wow!  What I struggled to do for the last 30 years she helped me do in one retreat. I highly recommend this retreat!  And/or any of her other retreats or courses. YOU “WILL” CROSS LIFE BRIDGES no matter which retreat or course you choose.”    ~ Les Curtis

“The Vision Quest Retreat is one of the most life changing experiences we have ever had! The retreat itself is held in a beautiful and serene spots in the Narrows Inlet. To truly bond with nature is spiritually and emotionally fulfilling. Hannelore’s method of teaching how to connect with nature by using simple steps is very powerful in creating your vision. To find your life purpose in such a sacred setting is awe inspiring. This Vision Quest is a journey that everyone should experience.
Thank you Hannelore for sharing your knowledge, insight and wisdom with us!” ~ Greg and Toni Holtby

“The Vision Quest retreat was a beautiful way to reconnect with self and nature. The combination of gentle group processes, solitude and a breathtaking remote location allowed fresh new insights, creativity and awareness to emerge. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks to Hannelore, our Tzoonie hosts and the vision seekers who shared the journey. it was magic!” ~ Vicki McLeod

“The Vision Quest retreat was an awesome experience. It was a precious time to connect with myself on a much deeper level than I would have in our busy worlds. I also got a chance to forge a bond of friendship and support with more like minded people. Hannelore, your insights and exercises were most helpful as I make my way on my personal healing journey. Thank you!” ~ Terry Remin

“Hannelore’s Vision Quest Retreat was an experience which contributed to my life completely changing direction. With Hannelore’s guidance on daily group and personal work, I gained clarity on what had been missing in my life and what I needed to change. On the last day of our retreat, I announced to my small working group that I had made one of those major ‘life-changing decisions’ and have since followed up on all the steps required to see that through. My guiding words lately seem to be ‘New’ and ‘Joy’! I am living in a NEW city, have a terrific NEW job and enjoying Wonderful life experiences with NEW friends! My life is now a much happier one as a result of working through these major changes. There’s the JOY part! I sincerely thank Hannelore and her Retreat which guided me on my life’s journey.” ~ Pat

“This Retreat has brought clarity and focus to my life. Hannelore has remarkable abilities to guide us through challenges and difficult issues with respect, grace and gentleness. She’s compassionate, very knowledgeable and clear with her advice. Her intuition and wisdom are remarkable. I look forward to attending her other courses and seminars.” ~ Gilbert Guenette

“I have been struggling for a long while to free myself from a cloud of doubt. Hannelore’s retreat enabled me to find the solution within myself and to regain my power.” ~ Bruce Nicolby, Halfmoon Bay, BC Canada

“I just returned from a most amazing experience at Tzoonie Wilderness resort on the Sunshine Coast where Hannelore facilitated a very powerful and life changing ‘Vision Quest’ Retreat.  I’m still in awe as I look back on all the blessings.
I learned so much about how to get clear with my vision and desires.  I feel very empowered now that I have so many tools to work with.  Hannelore has a wonderful talent to guide and lovingly support her groups regardless of where they begin or where they intend to go.
I was moved by the breathtaking setting, wonderful hosts who provided excellent meals in a comfortable and relaxed environment and music and entertainment every night.  I have met new friends and learned so much about me.  This has been the highlight of my summer!” ~ Dianna W, Kelowna BC

“The Vision Quest Retreat has been an amazing experience!  I have never been in such a supportive, open, loving environment.  Hannelore set the stage for us all to dive into ourselves deeply yet gently.  Her light, energy, playfulness and wisdom allowed each of us to see what it is we most desired.  Thank you with all of my heart.”    ~ Janine, Calgary

“Thank you Hannelore, for your wonderful and inspiring leadership of our ‘Vision Quest’ Retreat on the Sunshine Coast!  This is my first ever vision quest and I am grateful that it was with you.  I found the exercises leading up to the quest to be invaluable in helping bring clarity.  The wilderness setting at Tzoonie was perfect for allowing me to face the challenges of my own life, and to assist me in seeing them in a new, more helpful light.  I am also very grateful for the ‘road map’ that we all created together to assist us in assimilating our new vision, and to help us to manifest it as our new reality.  I am excited and inspired!”  ~ Daniel L

“The Vision Quest retreat that Hannelore held at the Tzoonie Wilderness Resort was one that I won’t forget.  The setting was absolutely beautiful and the sessions were remarkably enlightening.  I came back to civilization with a whole new outlook on life and a sense of peace that I haven’t felt for a very long time.”   With Love and Light   ~ Sivona

“I recently spent five days in the wild on the Pacific Coast of British Columbia in Canada.  Twenty-four hours were spent fasting alone on a small patch of remote rugged beach boundaried by the sea to the north and dense forest to the south.
I was curious about my personal wilderness – my unexplored territory – and what I might find there.  Completely unplugged and basically off the grid I got to dance solo with possibility and imagination. The results?  Reconnection.  A greater sense of courage and purpose.  Insights about the nature of fear.”   ~  Vicki

“Wow” is how I would describe crafting my journey and communing with nature at the Vision Quest Retreat!  Tzoonie is an amazing setting for this truly unique adventure; the hospitality is second to none. I was forced outside my “box” every minute of this adventure and am so grateful for every second of it. Hannelore has an amazing gift in her ability to help people dig a little deeper to find what has been staring us in the face for some time. I found the real me and now I have the tools necessary to never lose her again.  Thank you again for a truly amazing experience, I never thought I would be leaving feeling like I do now!”   ~ Sandra

Intuitive Counseling Testimonials

“Words cannot express how truly grateful I am for Hannelore’s guidance and support.  Hannelore has done a lot of childhood regression therapy with me to help me deal with my life long battle with leukemia. In addition to helping me deal with my mother’s three year battle with colon cancer as well as her passing two years ago.  When I met Hannelore seven years ago I was very confused and disconnected from myself.  She helped me come home and understand the gifts I had received from dealing with leukemia.  She helped me to see my purpose in this life is to help children and adolescence with autism. She helped me to reconnect with the parts of myself I had left behind which has given me the courage to start my own business and go back to school to get my masters in occupational therapy.  I am able to combine what I have learned both academically and spiritually to further assist and guide the amazing children and adolescence I have and continue to have the honor of working with.” ~ Brooke Peacock 

“I was totally amazed at what Hannelore accomplished in just one session! She came highly recommended through a trusted friend. She intuitively knew how to help me clear and release emotional issues, fears and false beliefs. She was supportive, gentle and firm at the same time. She gave me easy tangible tools to use on my own. Words can’t express the gratitude I feel, and I feel like I can tackle whatever challenges present themselves. I am empowered and have a strength I have not known in a long time. I got back on track, was able to find clarity and follow through with making executive decisions. As a result I was able to save the successful business I spent years building. I highly recommend Hannelore as a competent and intuitive counselor.”  ~ Pat C, New York

“Hannelore, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. I am blessed with your assistance to feel the transformation within me and with my inner child. I am feeling so connected, like never before. Namaste.” ~ Carol, Victoria

“Hannelore thank you so much for your insight and wisdom. You were able to quickly lead me to where I was ‘stuck’ and gently but firmly guide me through some unfinished business. I appreciate that so much. I was unknowingly wasting precious energy on those long past events and false beliefs in my life. I feel more connected to myself and more open to receiving both from myself in the form of intuition and from others as I am learning to perceive those who are trustworthy. So thank you once again. I highly recommend you to anyone seeking to grow.” ~ Adele, Calgary

“Thanks to Hannelore’s work with me, the emotional upset I struggled with for over a year is gone. When the self help tools I was familiar with weren’t able to release the upset in my life at a fundamental level, I began to explore several other modalities. I found that the various facilitators and processes I experienced were helpful but they hadn’t done the job and the issues remained troublesome. When I discovered Hannelore, I arranged to have an individual session with her. She helped me identify the key issue, guided me to the first event in which that issue had emerged, and guided me in release work around that event. She also guided me through release work in relation to connections with my former mate. I feel that the emotional issues that were troubling me have been resolved as a result of Hannelore’s work with me. She has also given me tools I can use myself on an ongoing basis. My experience is that Hannelore is a very warm, supportive, knowledgeable, intuitive, empowering, and effective counselor. Her presence itself has a healing quality.” ~ Orton M, B.A., LL.B., Calgary, Alberta.

“I had two private sessions with Hannelore to do inner child work and heal the parts of myself I left behind. I have seen many counselors over the years and none of them even came close to accomplishing what Hannelore has done for me. I was able to clear the things that no longer served me, and I feel reborn and excited about the new journey I have created. That is the greatest gift anyone has ever given me – The gift to see myself as my Divine identity. For that I will always be grateful.” ~ Brooke, Alberta

With loving thoughts she reached deep inside
Shepherded into the light so it could no longer hide
Hannelore lifted up for me to see
A deep deep grief, held for eternity.
I accepted the gift that was given
And now by pain I am no longer driven
With love, my tears I was able to release
And now I find myself at peace.
~ With thanks Pam

“My session with Hannelore was so amazing that it woke me up to a new perspective on myself and on my life. This was my second session with Hannelore and it was even more powerful than the first. She unselfishly uses her “gifts” to help others move out of the path of fear and into the path of love. She is an angel and I’m so blessed to have her with me on my journey. Much love and blessings to you, Hannelore!” ~ Sheri E. Vancouver

“I received remarkable results in my sessions with Hannelore. Her methodology is so compassionate, gentle and wise. I felt held in a way that was so comforting and safe as I “journeyed” thru my “stuff”. Hannelore was able to tenderly guide me down a pathway to wholeness and completeness all the while leading with her soothing voice until I came through. She also stayed with me firmly, not letting me go, so to speak, until I reached that “aahhaa” moment. I am grateful to have her wisdom in my world.” ~ Rachel C White Rock

“I would like to express my gratitude to Hannelore for all the time, energy and love that she has given me. Life is brighter because she understood and cared. There are no words available to me that can say how I feel and how much her sessions have helped me get through the trauma and turmoil in my life. I will practice the tools she has shared with me so that I may continue in strength and courage to move forward. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” ~ Amanda

“Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance. I have forgiven people who I never thought possible and it is amazing the love I feel. I feel so much more confident and more at peace with myself.” ~ Ann, Vancouver

“Thank you for your guidance Hannelore! For the first time in my life I feel confident and am actually looking forward to each day. Thank you for teaching me the skills to handle the challenges I needed to face. Wow, I can’t believe I am the same person and I owe it all to you. Thank you thank you thank you,” ~ Janine, Vancouver

“Hannelore, thank you for helping me find myself. I was going through a depression for a long time. I did not know where to turn. I lost any motivation to do anything constructive or anything period. My self esteem was at an all time low. The pain I was feeling in my heart seemed like a bottomless pit of darkness. I no longer have that “heavy” feeling and thanks to you I have found the courage to move forward with my new business venture. I thank you for your patience, your love, your gentleness and your wisdom. You are an angel among us. Bless you,” ~ Brenda, Vancouver

“As a result of my session with Hannelore, I was able to let go of my fears and obsession with the overseas job. Wouldn’t you know it – I got an email saying the way had been cleared to hire me. After a number of phone calls and emails back and forth I accepted the position and am leaving next Friday. I completed my last day at my old job and it was with such relief that I left there, but I did so gracefully and with good feelings all around. Thank you for your guidance.” ~ Terri, Calgary

“Thank you Hannelore, for creating the space for clarity to be revealed. I was feeling so confused and overwhelmed with the turmoil surrounding a major life decision I was facing. Our ‘deep dive’ work gave me the much needed clarity, assuredness and peace of heart that I was searching for. It has lasted all of these months as an anchor to my truth, as I have negotiated the often turbulent waters of my decision. I am indeed blessed!” ~ Brenda Gibbs, Calgary


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