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Academy – Certify

Module two ~ Certify

Certified Intuitive Entrepreneur

Unleash the Force Within

Intuition is a super power that when developed, explodes limiting beliefs  and awakens your creative genius.  It is a tangible skill, critical to effective decision making that accelerates career and business success. It’s what inspires heart-centered leaders to make a difference in the world, an awakening of the authentic self and commitment to living one’s potential.


“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
~ Albert Einstein

Rather than a random hunch that is sometimes right and sometimes wrong, trained intuition helps us “read” the energy patterns and subtle clues that help us make the right decisions. It alerts us to potential problems, points us to the highest possible benefits, increases discernment and provides an advantage in important meetings and negotiations.

This certification program is designed to help you be better at what you do, with greater success, peace of mind and satisfaction. Particularly advantageous for those in the business world and health care, this program enhances personal and professional development for both individuals and organizations.

 Books and Webinars are great sources of inspiration and information, but do not compare in one on one in class seminars and group interaction. These experiences are where in depth emotional healing and transformations occur.


What does the course consist of?

This program will be spread over a period of 9 months.
It is an innovative, personalized program designed to help you develop and utilize your personal intuitive abilities.

Will consist of:

Eight (8) on location weekend classes that will take place once a month with time in between for completing assignments and connecting with each other to create community and a support network.

Eleven (11) private group coaching calls before program begins, between each class to provide support and track your progress and after program completion to follow up.

Webinars and Private Facebook Group for a personal support network


To Celebrate .. A finalFive day live-in all-inclusive RETREAT.


Upon completion you will receive a:   

Noetic Science Degree as an ‘Intuitive Entrepreneur’


*Stay tuned as we will provide details about:

Learning objectives, Benefits of objectives and proposed dates.




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