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Hannelore – Windows to the Soul
Burnaby, BC, Canada, V5A 1K1

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Academy – Mastery

Module three – ‘MASTERY’

Practitioners Program

Embrace the Master You Are


This program is a experiential live-in intensive and interactive Retreat.

Participants will receive, be taught and guided to facilitate and comprehend each of the following techniques.


Brief course outline:
The Ho’oponopono – Breath and Eye technique

Join us as we expand on the powerful Breath and Eye technique that clears the path for clarity and insights as we journey through the Ho’oponopono.  Profound inner shifts will occur as you:

Experience and become part of group and one on one sessions as we embrace this technique and experience raising our vibration to enhance our natural abilities.

(The ‘Ho’oponopono’ comes from ancient cultures where the entire tribe gathers in support of one) We add to this the breath … the healing and transformations that occurs are phenomenal!

Past Life Regressions

Class participants will be taken through sessions to experience past lives that are currently affecting this life as well as a deepening and understanding of the ‘Self’.

Some of the many techniques you will experience, and learn to takes others through are:

  • Standard past life regression techniques
  • How to clear phobias
  • How to clear chronic pain that has no explanation in this life
  • The Elixir of Immortality – retrieving aspects of self that were successful in other life times and bring them forward to integrate them into a remembering in this life.
Soul Retrieval/Split Aparts

When we experience trauma in our lives, such as when a loved one dies, after an accident, rape or incest, abusive relationships at various ages, a part of us ‘splits’ off so that “we” can go on in our lives.  These parts of ourselves are still ‘stuck’ in the past, and they are buried deep within us.  These ‘Soul parts’ live in a parallel existence – in non-ordinary worlds, trapped in non-ordinary reality and are still unhealed from the emotional pain and are stuck in fear.

Inner Child Therapy

The Beloved child within us is crying to be heard, and we don’t even realize the importance of connecting with the precious being within us.  You will be guided to connect with and love the very essence of your Being.

Time- Line Therapy

A powerful therapeutic process evolved from hypnosis and NLP, it utilizes one’s own internal ‘time line’ to work with the unconscious/subconscious mind.  Traveling back in time one can identify significant events that created a negative impact on one’s life.  Once cleared in the original time frame, it allows a tremendous healing and freedom from undesired negative emotions such as fear, trauma, anger, grief, shame and anxiety.  We can then reprogram as we journey back and forward in time. When coming back to the present we bring forward the healed energy and step into a more peaceful state.  We can also go into the future and set an intention for us to step into.

Communicating with Spirit Guides and Elementals

We have many types of guides.  We have inner guides such as the inner child, the inner parent, higher self, inner teacher, inner healer etc. as well as external guides such as guardian angels, nature spirits, animal spirits, our ancestors, ascended masters etc. With guidance and awakened awareness, we will touch on the many aspects to communicate and gain wisdom and guidance.

You will discover how all the techniques weave together.  This is an amazing opportunity to clear!

The techniques you will experience receiving and learning how to use are safe, gentle, effective and very powerful!

Please note: The ‘Intuitive Entrepreneur’ program is a prerequisite to further your studies in the ‘Mastery Practitioners program’.

Upon completion you will receive a:   

Noetic Science Degree as an ‘Intuitive Practitioner’

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