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Hannelore – Windows to the Soul
Burnaby, BC, Canada, V5A 1K1

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Sacred Shamanic Truths


Clearing the Soul Path

This powerful advanced program is designed for individuals wishing to speed their healing, transform their lives and support Unity Consciousness.


♥   What is ‘The Elixir of Immortality’?

♥   How do Past Lives affect our present lives?

♥   How do you connect with  and heal the Child that is within you?

♥   Why is it vital you integrate and bring into balance the Inner Divine Feminine and Inner Divine Masculine?

♥  Do you feel a part of you is missing?

♥   How do you heal the fragmented Self through Soul Retrieval?

♥   What are ‘Split Aparts’?


During the course of the weekend, you will experience and discover the answers to the above questions.


We all desire Peace, Love and Joy. Yet keeping us from this are issues/blocks within us that we need to clear. Many of these we are not even aware of, or we do not know how to release, so that we can be clear.

We are offered opportunities and challenges throughout our lives. They are not always pleasant. In order to be effective and realize Peace, Love and Joy in our outer world, we need to clear these blocks and embrace and realize Peace, Love and Joy in our inner world.

This two-day advanced training will focus on individual and group exercises, all designed to empower you. Self-realization is your birthright. It is now time to experience and BE all that you desire.


(Register early as the class size is restricted due to the one-on-one concentrated nature of this program.)


This program is not often available and is occasionally offered as a Retreat. 

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The Image above is ‘Dancing Prayer’ by my dear friend and Visionary Artist, Francene Hart


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